Saturday, July 15, 2006

Race Across America 2006 Photos

Here are a few pics from the RAAM.
Photo credits: Vic Armijo

If you're wondering what is on my hand, see Vic's story on my website and my response to a comment. Also see:


weak and feeble said...

what is your hand inside of in that photo?

Can't wait to meet you at Jay!

Tinker Juarez said...

Dear W & F,

That is the CoreControl device I used dureing RAAM to aid in my recovery by bringing down my core temperature during my rest periods. The machine consists of a small chamber that you insert your hand to grasp a cone-shaped metal core. A pump flows water though an attached ice chamber through the cone to cool the blood flowing through your hands. It was a very big help to recover during my rest time at RAAM. Between that, mom's cooking, and the massage that Scott did, I don't know if I could have made it the whole way. It really helped me to bring my core temperature down so I could get to sleep faster. --- Tinker