Monday, August 28, 2006

Cannondale Carbon Rush

It was a sweet ride on Sunday! Here is a pic of the bike moments before the maiden voyage. It came with the Day-fading-to-night custom paint that Cannondale designed for my endurance racing. This bike was plush! It was worth the wait!

The killer watchdog in the front is Bobo, our dog. She came out to supervise.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Carbon Rush is in!

Yahoo!! Cannondale shipped the new Carbon Rush earlier than expected and the guys down at Orange Cycle Orlando assembled it and have it ready for me!! I'll get a chance to ride it this weekend so I'll probably take it out and get a good long mtb ride. Perfect for getting ready for the 2006 Subaru 24 Hour Champion Challenge at Seven Springs, PA.

These are the rest of the races I have for the year:

Sept. 2-3 2006 Subaru 24-Hour Champion Challenge
Sept. 16-17 Mohican 12/24 hours in Loudenville, OH
Sept. 22 - 29 Cannondale Camp & Interbike
Oct. 7-8 Chupacabras 100K in Juarez, Mexico
Oct. 14-15 Moab 24 Hour
Nov. 3-5 La Ruta de los Conquistadores, Costa Rica


Cool pic by JB!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Waiting on the Rush

I like cool new toys.
I get motivated to have cool looking stuff.
I think it makes me faster.

September 22 is almost too far away and I'll be counting the minutes until I get on a plane to take me to my new bike.

I'm waiting on the new all carbon Cannondale Rush.

My first Rush was the all aluminum Rush and I'm still racing it but the Carbon Rush is going to be the dream machine of all Rushes. I'm secretly hoping we can work it out that this will be one of the signature Tinker bikes.

I've always felt that a mtb with a carbon frame could be a faster and lighter race bike. It's so nice to see that we finally got there. I've spent a lot of hours and miles on the 6-13 on the road. This might be the first full carbon Cannondale mountain bike for me. I never used the Raven since I used the Scalpel (which I still love to ride). The rear of the Scapel is carbon and so is the fork, but this full carbon.....ohhh yeah....!!

One of the good things about Cannondale is that they are always innovative and I look forward to somethig new every year.

The intro of the Carbon Rush is going to be at a special camping trip right before interbike in Brianhead, UT. I can't wait!

I'm really excited about the new Carbon Rush and looking foward to racing it. I think it's one of the best new things Cannondale is coming out with this year.

By riding the 6-13 on the road, I know how nice it rides and how fast it goes. I can imagine how nice the carbon will feel on the dirt. I bet it will be really smooth...kind of like being on a velvet carpet ride!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Jay Would Have Been Fun!

Well - let's see where to start...

The trip started with the traveling from Orlando to Burlington VT. When I arrived on Saturday, I waited for my bike and luggage nothing came out. I knew something must have been up since when I sat on that full to capacity cramped small plane, I wondered "how are they going to fit by big bike bag and all the luggage on here??" Guess my instincts were right...once again...

So I went to Jay's Peak Lodge were I was staying and on the way there I had great company from a local man that lived next to the ski resort all his life who give me the history of all the town. We drove up the mountain and it took 1 hr 30 min drive from the airport...I started to worry when I didn't get my bike & bags, but there was still two US Airways flights arriving after mine so I waited in my room relaxing but worrying. I called after the first flight arrived but still no bike & bag. The next flight was 9:15, meaning, I still had to wait and call when the plane was empty so I call around 10 PM.

"NO BIKE." Argh....

So the Race Director Dan Des Rosiers tried very hard earlier Sat afternoon looking for a Cannondale for me to race the next morning. He not only looked for a C'dale to race, but also helmet, shoes, jersey, shorts, gloves, etc. He did fantastic work and got all my gear from Firsttrax bike shop who was one of many sponsor of Jay's Challenge.

I really lost my wind once I didn't received my bike and no clothing, and, well, it was just hard to leave the room. But the Mt looked great and mountain air was fresh as roses, but not having my bike was a real bummer! See, I was ready. This was my first race since RAAM. I pick this race because I love climbing and in 70 miles there was over 10,000+ ft of climbing, and the weather was perfect for racing.

...The story gets weird now, the Race Director Dan Des Rosiers got a RUSH like new from a local rider who's wife had it and said she was riding for fun and was not going to race but support her man, the guy who's name I won't mention. Great! Dan set me up with all the rest of the gear and I went back to my room with everything intending to dial it in to get ready for the morning. By then it was after 10:00 PM.

So after about 20 minutes the no name guy came by my room Sat night and said his wife was having a hard time letting me use her RUSH. First, I say I'll replace whatever I break, and he asked me since I ride for Cannondale, can't I just give her a new bike? I was ready just to kick him out of my room with the bike too... I was tired and it was a long day and the race start time was 7:00 AM... And to think I was just getting ready to change the tires and put on my favorite Kendas that I got from Firsttrax. I still hear him saying " wife changed her mind..." I thought he was kidding but it was no joke.

The next day, the Race Director had a good laugh about it and so did I. I said I'd repair or replace anything I break, but no deal. See... I ride like a flying carpet so I wasn't worried since the RUSH that I've raced since early last year is like new...

It was unbelievable - the chance of this happening?? Well it did. And I thought I had seen everything. My sponsor wouldn't have been happy to see me on any other bike except Cannondale so I helped Dan out and enjoyed the day.

Wierd stuff happens sometimes, so just know when traveling, try to fly on a better airline, don't arrive the day before a race, and just know that there is a chance that you might not get to race.

I will be back next year, though I'll make sure to fly a day early so nothing like this will happen again!

Thank you so very much Dan Des Rosiers Race Director - you put on an awesome race! Also, Thank you Firsttrax who set me up with awesome bike wear!

Top 5 finishers:
1 Brooke Scatchard 7:39:57.00
2 Brian Lyster 7:46:53.00
3 Jeffrey Whittingham 8:05:05.00
3 Andy Sanidas 8:05:05.00
5 Alec H. Petro 8:06:49.00

Congrats everyone!


Here is a photo from the 4th place finisher web blog

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's a Boy!

This blog was created to share the latest news and updates about me and this is something so many of you have congratulated us on so we wanted to let you know what's going on with the pregnancy. Below are a couple of photos and an abbreviated version of Terri's email to our family and close friends to tell them about the doctor's visit.


Ultrasound photo of baby Joshua at 18 weeks gestation

4-D sonogram of baby Joshua at 18 weeks gestation

Abbreviated version of Terri's email to family and close friends

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well, here is the long awaited email about what we found out today at the perinatologist's office. It's a lot of information, but just to tell you up-front, both Tinker and I are more relieved than disappointed about it.

For now, we know that we're having a baby, but there is only one.
We also could CLEARLY see that it will be a boy! He is about 8 oz and 18 weeks old now. His new due date is December 19th!

The technologist that performed the ultrasound was told there were twins but within one minute (which seemed like a decade), she concluded that she could only see one baby. The doctor later came in and found remnants of the other baby's embryonic sac and he told us that the baby was reabsorbed and it probably happened a few weeks ago.

So, the term for this phenomenon is "Vanishing Twin Syndrome" (VTS), and it apparently is common. Through the advent and increased use of ultrasound technology, and since we had really early sonongrams (one at 5 weeks and again at 6 weeks), we were able to detect the twins early on.

Occurrence: VTS occurs more frequently in women over age 30. Prevalence: The loss of a member of a twin pair occurs with a frequency of 53 to 71% in twins diagnosed prior to ten weeks gestation.

The bottom line is that we are thankful that the little guy looks like he's doing very well and appears to be healthy. What we're ready for now is to pick names and fix up the nursery!!!

Enjoy the sonograms!! The 4-D photos are amazing!!!

Love and hugs,

Terri, Tinker, and Joshua (we like this name so we might stick with it!)