Monday, August 28, 2006

Cannondale Carbon Rush

It was a sweet ride on Sunday! Here is a pic of the bike moments before the maiden voyage. It came with the Day-fading-to-night custom paint that Cannondale designed for my endurance racing. This bike was plush! It was worth the wait!

The killer watchdog in the front is Bobo, our dog. She came out to supervise.


Charlie said...

G/day Tink, Looks great what does she weigh? Is that Shimano on her as well.
Should be good for your upcoming endrou races.
Getting ready over here in Australia to take my RUSH 200o on it's first solo 24hr event and can't wait.
Have been able to get my XL 2000 down to around 11.8 KG


Tinker Juarez said...

G'day Dingo!
Oh she's so nice! From Cannondale, she comes with all XTR Shimano components but I've got the Schram sponsorship so I won't be racing her without changing them out. All set up she weighed about 24 pounds (10.88 kg). Good luck down there in the 24 hr. SOLO!!! Take it easy in the beginning but don't get too far behind either. It's a long race.

Charlie said...

Hey Tink,
10.88Kg thats pretty bloody good for a 4" travel bike. What Kenda tyres are you running and do you run tubeless.

Thanks for the tip with the 24hr the event is part of the Kona global series,I will let you know how I good.
Should have my own Blog up and running by then.