Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's a Boy!

This blog was created to share the latest news and updates about me and this is something so many of you have congratulated us on so we wanted to let you know what's going on with the pregnancy. Below are a couple of photos and an abbreviated version of Terri's email to our family and close friends to tell them about the doctor's visit.


Ultrasound photo of baby Joshua at 18 weeks gestation

4-D sonogram of baby Joshua at 18 weeks gestation

Abbreviated version of Terri's email to family and close friends

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well, here is the long awaited email about what we found out today at the perinatologist's office. It's a lot of information, but just to tell you up-front, both Tinker and I are more relieved than disappointed about it.

For now, we know that we're having a baby, but there is only one.
We also could CLEARLY see that it will be a boy! He is about 8 oz and 18 weeks old now. His new due date is December 19th!

The technologist that performed the ultrasound was told there were twins but within one minute (which seemed like a decade), she concluded that she could only see one baby. The doctor later came in and found remnants of the other baby's embryonic sac and he told us that the baby was reabsorbed and it probably happened a few weeks ago.

So, the term for this phenomenon is "Vanishing Twin Syndrome" (VTS), and it apparently is common. Through the advent and increased use of ultrasound technology, and since we had really early sonongrams (one at 5 weeks and again at 6 weeks), we were able to detect the twins early on.

Occurrence: VTS occurs more frequently in women over age 30. Prevalence: The loss of a member of a twin pair occurs with a frequency of 53 to 71% in twins diagnosed prior to ten weeks gestation.

The bottom line is that we are thankful that the little guy looks like he's doing very well and appears to be healthy. What we're ready for now is to pick names and fix up the nursery!!!

Enjoy the sonograms!! The 4-D photos are amazing!!!

Love and hugs,

Terri, Tinker, and Joshua (we like this name so we might stick with it!)

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