Saturday, August 12, 2006

Waiting on the Rush

I like cool new toys.
I get motivated to have cool looking stuff.
I think it makes me faster.

September 22 is almost too far away and I'll be counting the minutes until I get on a plane to take me to my new bike.

I'm waiting on the new all carbon Cannondale Rush.

My first Rush was the all aluminum Rush and I'm still racing it but the Carbon Rush is going to be the dream machine of all Rushes. I'm secretly hoping we can work it out that this will be one of the signature Tinker bikes.

I've always felt that a mtb with a carbon frame could be a faster and lighter race bike. It's so nice to see that we finally got there. I've spent a lot of hours and miles on the 6-13 on the road. This might be the first full carbon Cannondale mountain bike for me. I never used the Raven since I used the Scalpel (which I still love to ride). The rear of the Scapel is carbon and so is the fork, but this full carbon.....ohhh yeah....!!

One of the good things about Cannondale is that they are always innovative and I look forward to somethig new every year.

The intro of the Carbon Rush is going to be at a special camping trip right before interbike in Brianhead, UT. I can't wait!

I'm really excited about the new Carbon Rush and looking foward to racing it. I think it's one of the best new things Cannondale is coming out with this year.

By riding the 6-13 on the road, I know how nice it rides and how fast it goes. I can imagine how nice the carbon will feel on the dirt. I bet it will be really smooth...kind of like being on a velvet carpet ride!


Mike said...

Tinker, you rock. I met you in Big Bear last August at a twelve-hour. I helped your mom carry your stuff to your space. She's very nice and you are an example to us all of how to stay in shape and be a winner.

I hope to get a carbon Rush some day too, but for now I'll have to stick with my Fisher Sugar. I've upgraded everything on it and have nothing else to replace!

Congrats on your marriage!

bagg68 on

Tinker Juarez said...

I'll for sure let you know how the bike is when I get it! Thanks for the nice comments.