Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2007 Cannondale Carbon Rush: Great articles!

I'm at Interbike this week but here are a couple of great articles about Cannondale's 2007 Carbon Rush 2007 Cannondale Carbon Rush & This Just In. I couldn't have done a blog about it any better.

Big Sky Brewery launched the Rush All Mountain Ale at the camp too! There will be more about this later....

Thought I'd share two of my favorite things!



Edited 10/1/06

Couple of more articles: Velonews & Cannondale.

When I was trying to find some pics from Interbike this morning, I found this great write-up by "dawgcatching" about a bunch of bikes including the carbon Rush on He rode with us on the 2nd day at the Dirt Demo and put together a list of bikes he tested and reviewed each one. He's got a Turner, so this excerpt from his review is a comparison to the Turner. If I could write this well, I'd do the same kind of review, but it's just not possible! Thanks dawgcatching!!!

"Cannondale Rush Carbon Team Replica: the new 110mm travel bike from Cannondale, featuring a Lefty SL 110mm fork, 110mm of rear travel, light yet beefy carbon frame, and just about every high-zoot component you can spec on a mountain bike. Retail almost $7000, weight under 24lbs. I rode this bike on the "ride with Tinker" loop in the morning. It was a pretty technical ride: about 30 riders started, only 8 finished. A 1.5 hour loop around the volcano, with techy as well as fast climbing, descending, sidehills, lots of rocks (a couple of spots that Tinker didn't even clear).

Wow, this was an interesting bike, to say the least. Super light for one thing, but the weight (or lack of it) wasn't really noticeable. The handling was what blew me away. I really loved it. It felt like ot only had about 4 inches of travel, but was able to be ridden more aggressively than the specs would indicate. Balance was spot-on: this bike simply didn't want to wander. It really was as point and shoot as can be, and lateral deflection really didn't enter into the picture. The rear swingarm was very stiff as well. The Lefty was very stiff laterally and probably the best fork I tested. It just sucked up everything, with nary a hint of brake dive. Also, balance was really perfect for my weight. Even with 4.3 inches of travel, I seemed to always be in balance, floating over the terrain instead of fighting it. I dropped down some fairly aggressive stuff and didn't feel "on edge" as I did on the 5.5. Not to far forward, not too far back, but just right. Sure, I would feel more comfortable on an RFX in that situation, but the Rush was more than workable. Climbing was impressive-the bike hooked up, with no front-end wander, and I could clean anything. Given the tires were the marginal Crossmark's, this is even more impressive. The suspension was fully active, and quite plush, with a linear-feeling stroke. I even loved the saddle (a Fizik Gobi). I would change out the short XC bars for something more trail-oriented, and get a 160mm rear rotor (it came spec'd with a 140) but besides that, this bike really rocked. It seemed like everyone agreed that this was a superb bike. Worth $7000? That is your call, but it is a great race and trail ride. The handling was perfect for an all-day, short-travel bike, and I would highly recommend it."

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