Friday, September 08, 2006

7Springs Subaru Champion - Ernest - mud - race -CHALLENGE!

I've been traveling and haven't had a chance to post the race story yet but I'll work on it this weekend and try to get it up by Sunday. One thing is for sure and that is I won't be able to make the Mohican event. I crashed and need to recover before another 24....more about that later....

JB was out on the course taking pics of the whole event. All his pics are posted on his photo page.

Here are a few pics of the race and my crew.

Before the race began

The last climb at 10:00AM on 12th lap - now we could see how bad the fog was

Chris Moore (C'dale) and Brian Caporuscio (Spokes N Skis) - MANY THANKS to you for all your support. I could not have finished this race without you!

Terri, me, and great Aunt Pauline - we had the best lasagna dinner ever!

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