Friday, September 22, 2006

Life is like wine. It gets better by age!

I've been here in Downey for about 2 weeks now training hard and doing some super fun mountain rides. I missed the mountains a lot. But being back in Downey is different then before for number one reason. My wife is still in Florida and we'll be having our first baby together soon. It's not the same being here now knowing she's there. I love this women so much and it feels like I got a chance to live longer now that I'm married. And that's a good thing because Joshua will need his dad and Mom for a long time!

The good side is my training has been very good. I've been here with my wonderful Mom and hitting the sack around 9 PM. YES SLEEPING by 9 PM. That's the price of getting older, you sleep more but ride the same. It makes a big difference when you get older. But I'm ok with that since I'll just dream about her and will be back home in Florida soon.

Life is like wine. It gets better by age! I love being a mountain biker. Since I started racing bikes at age 13, I've lived the best life. A cyclist that could wake and ride my bike, and get paid for doing it. Wow, thank you Cannondale for being with me on this journey to Paradise.

I'm leaving to Las Vegas for the launch of the carbon RUSH in a few hours. This should be a blast! We're riding the new carbon Cannondale Rush bikes 45 miles the first day then they'll have a campside dinner for us and then we'll get up on Sunday and ride back. After the Rush kick off camp, I'm going to Interbike. I'll let you know how the landing feels.

God Bless to all you happy bikers,


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