Saturday, November 18, 2006

Baby Joshua Update - He'll be here soon!

Hi! We had our last appointment with the perinatologist Wednesday morning and they told us we don't have to go back unless we want another look. Baby Joshua has progressed normally and is a healthy little boy that already weighs 5 lbs 9 oz - average for 35 weeks. By next week, we'll have crossed the danger zone line and he could start to come at any time and they won't stop the delivery.

Here are the latest photos of Joshua! This is a view of his nose, eys and mouth. He's too big now to get the whole body in. Also, we asked her to check and make sure it's really a boy....THERE IS NO DOUBT!

We're both so excited about becoming parents and are as ready as we can be. He's due around Dec. 22 so we'll keep you posted...

Cheers, love, and hugs,

Tinker, Terri, and Josh

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