Tuesday, November 07, 2006

La Ruta de los Conquistadores Race Coverage

Hola! I just got back from Costa Rica late last night and will be working on my story to post here shortly. Here are a couple of links to race reports. It was an awesome race and I'm really pleased with my 6th place overall finish. The competition was tough and so was the course....more about that later....

Pedal Cycling Magazine
Pedal Stage 1 Report and Andreas Hestler's Day 1 Adventure
Pedal Stage 2 Report
Pedal Stage 3 Report and final results
Jeremiah Bishop Update Report

Ride on



JB said...

Congrats on the result at La Ruta.

In my wildest dreams I couldn't finish that course!

well done.

jeffcote said...

Good ride Tinker!
Taking into account the elevation in Florida in comparison to Costa Rica, you kicked butt out there!
Good one!