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Cannondale News: Cannondale Spotted A 2007 InterBike Show

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Cannondale Spotted A 2007 InterBike Show

Posted on October 3, 2007 11:22:03 AM

Front and center as always was the great product from the SRAM team and at the center of their booth wasn't a hot new XC design or the bike of the World Champ as you may expect, but a commuter. A commuter bike? Not just any city cruiser this is the revolutionary Cannondale"ON" bicycle. The "ON" bike is the work of the Cannondale advanced concept design group, led by Chris Dodman. The "ON" project uses a revolutionary new singlesided rear with an enclosed SRAM drive system "mated" up front to a Righty.

The race proven Lefty design was turned 180 into a Righty to allow the innovative center hinge to fold the rear and front wheel perfectly together for transit or storage. Looking down "ON" the action in the SRAM booth was a 2008 PERP, collaborating on the paint and graphics this raw aluminum swingarn, frame and fork received the same galvanized finish.

Equipped with the latest Avid Code's, Truvative bits and an awesome 180mm of perfect 1.5 singlecrown plushness up front with the Rock Shox Totem the PERP turned its share of heads. Across the show the new System Six was spotted at SRM, the power meter leaders, with their SI crank mounted version that comes stock on the Liquigas team bike.
Further into the show, Garmin was showing off the new 705 GPS unit keeping riders informed and ontrack with its new big screen aboard a Super Six. Look a little further and not only Cannondale product is being shown off, but their technology as well.

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