Sunday, December 30, 2007

12 Hours of Oleta in Miami in January and a visit to Mack Cycle Bicycle & Fitness

Post race update:
I want to thank everyone for all their efforts and apologize for not making it to the race. I hope it was a great race for everyone.

Well, we just got back from a nice Christmas in Pennsylvania and now I need to work off all that good food so I figure the perfect way is racing for 12 hours! I'm heading down to Miami next weekend for the 12 Hours of Oleta and will stop in to the Mack Cycle and Fitness store on Friday January 4th at about 4PM for a meet and greet. I hope all the locals can stop by!

Have a safe and happy new year.



kayak surge said...

Hey Tinker, I was in BMX same years as you more or less and just in the past 3 years started on MTB. Glad to see a hear about your continued success. I visited the 12 hours of Oleta in the hoes of running in to you but I heard you had to cancel. Since I know it's part of the crcuit will you make it next year or will you just drop this one because it's so flatland? Curious is all, I am re-training myself so that maybe at 43 I can take a title like you did! LOL RIGHT!...well great to see you still kicking a** Joshua looks to be such a blast enjoy him.


Tinker Juarez said...

Thanks for the nice message. I really like Oleta and was really bummed out that I missed that race. It is crazy sometimes and I know realize what it means to sacrifice for your children. Sorry I missed you and I will try and make it down south again soon. Maybe Mack will invite me back next year.
Good luck to you and racing MTB. Florida MTBers are a talented and determined bunch. It is always great to race them!