Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sea of boxes, the perfect plan and the smelly cat

We moved last week.

This wasn't the 'just across town move', either. This was the 'sell as much of the stuff as possible move' since it was almost 3000 miles that we had to ship it all.

Now we are digging our way through a sea of boxes. Even though we sold a lot of it, we still had 12,000 pounds of STUFF. Mom Rose is a saint! Not only is she helping in every way possible, we brought all this stuff and now it is half unpacked but there are still at least a hundred boxes piled all over our house and garage.

I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm really sorry I couldn't make it to the Lumberjack 100. We had it all planned was a perfect plan. I went to a shop visit in Plano, TX the weekend before the Lumberjack. But before that, I had to pack the garage and as much of everything else as I could since Mom Rose and Terri had to pack the rest of the house. See, they were planning a big garage sale when I was in Plano and I know they had different plans for some of it than me!

So when I got back on Sunday evening, the whole house was packed and there was a pile of stuff for charity. The movers came on Monday, we closed the sale of the house on Tuesday, and we loaded the cars on the car-hauler Wednesday before we went to the airport to catch our one-way flight to LA. We had the baby, the cat, bikes, and all our luggage.... After we checked in, we sat down to celebrate over beer and food. That was around 2 pm. 'Perfect!'

The plan was that we'd arrive in LA around 8:30 pm, I'd unpack the bikes and clean up the mtb from the Mohican race. Then pack it up for the Lumberjack and use it as a backup for the new bike that Cannondale sent for me. (More on that later....) I had all my gear packed and all the extras on the moving truck. I had what I needed and just had to get on the 11:30 AM flight to Grand Rapids on Thursday. Friday they had a breakfast scheduled and a couple of shop visits to Velocity Cycles, Terry's Cycle and Sports and Ada Bike Shop where I could stop in on my way to Udell.

But then the perfect plan wasn't so perfect any more....

There were big storms in Orlando and Miami and our 4 pm flight was delayed until 5:30. Then we sat on the Tarmac for another hour until we were cleared to land in Miami. Once we got to Miami, the flight to LA was delayed since they had to fix the engine.... make an exhausting and long story short... We finally arrived in LA around 3:30 AM Thursday morning. The cat smelled so bad... almost 19 hours in that bag. He's finally recovered.

Our luggage didn't arrive and we called Delta to change the 11:30 AM ticket hoping to receive the luggage some time during the day. The only option would be to catch the redeye at 11:30 PM to arrive 10:30 AM in Grand Rapids on Friday. That meant almost 3 nights without sleep and a bet that the bikes and my gear might arrive that day. I couldn't have made the breakfast and at least one shop visit.

I knew this was a hard race and I needed sleep and my gear. I just had to give it up and say enough. It has been a very difficult few months getting ready for the move and now with the plan not so perfect any more, I had to give in.

I know many people spent hours of their time organizing the visits, the bike, and the race. I'm very sorry I couldn't make it and I hope you understand. But, I know there are other races in MI this year and the Lumberjack next year and I hope to make it up to you!

Now I'm back to my old stomping grounds and the San Gabriel mountains! You know I'm happy about that! I'm feeling more confident about my training and hope to be back to normal for the next race. I can tell it's been a while since I trained in the mountains and my legs haven't had the training they need but I still have the next half of the season.

So, now we finally have internet but it's sporadic. I will post again soon once we get more organized.