Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bike Asia 2008

Just got back from a really great trip to Singapore for BikeAsia and the 100K MTB race. It was a great experience to meet such nice people - warm and gentle and just my size! I think there is a bright future for the athletes there - and I raced a lot about half my age. It was fun racing and it showed the talent of the folks there. It is so nice to see the upcoming talent. It keeps me motivated and one thing I strive for is to make an impact and hopefully motivate them to keep on trying. I know dreams do come true.

Here is a shot of rolling into the start/finish and a couple action and podium photos from the blogs below. Even though the promoters stopped the race due to lightning was a great race and I won! I was heading into lap #9 of 10 and was told to stop. It was pouring rain and lightning so they made the call for safety reasons.

Oh - it was great to meet Sophia Loren!!! If you don't know who she is - you're either very young or do not have access to technology! She is a mega movie star and is still a jaw dropping beautiful woman at 73. It was an honor and pleasure to hold her hand and talk with her!

I am so flattered by the hospitality and generosity from everyone. I hope my appearance there at the show and the race helped out a lot.

What was so cool about it is that so many of the people - fans - that have followed my career from way back in the BMX days through Volvo and now. They brought me so many perfect shaped articles, jerseys, whatever for me to sign. It was really impressive.

One thing before I close this brief report is that the Cannondale rep and shop owner "Crazy Chris Bray" was a great host. He took really good care of me. Thank you Chris! I can't wait to come back next year.

So now I'm off to Sea Otter Classic in Monterrey, CA this weekend with the family and just for fun. We are kicking off the MonaVieCannondale.com team! Join us for breakfast the Mona Vie Cannondale way on Saturday morning at the Mona Vie booth!

Peace and God Bless,


PS -

I got a few emails from some of the people I met and they sent photos but one sent me this note on one of my blog posts and I for sure wanted to share the photos and stories! Check it out:

Hi Tinker,

This is Ling, one of the Dirtfolks from DirTraction whom you met during your trip to Singapore.Thought you'd like to catch a glimpse of some of the photos taken of the race and especially of you on the Tampines track.The links should be up on the DirTraction website shortly ( http://www.dirtraction.com/) but here's a sneak preview from my blog : http://lingthemerciless.blogspot.com/)...Also, Ming (the moustacho guy whom you met on Sunday night) wrote something on his blog as well : http://mingloid.blogspot.com/Hope you enjoyed yourself while you were in Singapore!