Friday, April 04, 2008

Kenda's Signature Tinker Dred Tred Tire Review


Check it out ==> Dred Tred Review


Steve Kinley said...

Any chance of getting Kenda to make those in a 29"?

charlie said...

Cool! Man it's awesome to find your blog! I'm a big fan from way back in the day (don't worry, I'm 39). Happy belated B'day BTW!

Love the new tires. I think I'm gonna check them out. They look like they would be great for hard pack. Down here in Miami, it gets a bit sandy and rooty. I wonder how they will do down here?


Tinker Juarez said...

I'm working on a tire now that and we are discussing size options. We know there is a market out there for light weight 29er tires so we'll consider it. Got any suggestions/comments? Please send!

The Dreds will probably be great on the SoFL terrain for you - I rode them there and was really happy with them!

Have fun and keep the rubber side DOWN!