Saturday, May 31, 2008

8000 feet of climing at the Traverse

This is one of those races I have been searching for - a local race with tons of climbing.

Perfect to get me ready for Big Bear 24 hours in WV this weekend. OC you did well.

I've been training hard doing a lot of climbing and I wanted to see how my fitness was before the 24 hours at Big Bear WV and what better to do on a Saturday doing tons of climbing in a 40+ mile race. May 17, 2008.

It was hot.
Real hot.
It was dusty.
There was lots of fire road climbing.
There was beautiful scenery.

It gave me a flash of preparing for something like La Ruta - where you just go out and train real hard climbing as much as you think could ever climb for almost 4 hours.

The scenery was so nice - we rode above Lake Elsinore - like 5000 feet above the lake. I would recommend this race to anyone and look forward to going back for a few more. I want to bring the wife and baby so they can get a ride in too. But the race promoter did such a great job with excellent sag stops and a feast afterward. Check out for more information. They always have a charity to benefit so you feel really good helping someone else that needs it.

And one thing is for sure - MANY THANKS to pontony Rick who could not make it and he gave me his entry for the race that was already full. Oh and I won the race less than 3 minutes from the record (not really sure about this but that is what someone told me.) I'll try to beat it next time.

We are heading to WV on Thursday for my first 24 hours this year. I usually get at least one in by now but it didn't work out this time. I am really looking forward to the race - my first time at this historical race but Cannondale had their sales meeting there last year and when I saw it I knew I wanted to go back. So when I saw this race advertized, I jumped on it. Will post a race report as soon as I can next week. Supposed to be about 50 solo riders and some good competition.

Got to go get my beauty sleep now!


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Sebastian Garcia said...

I was very excited when I heard you were racing this race. When I was a kid my brother did a lot of racing in Big Bear and I would go with him. He always pointed you out. Now that I started riding I decided to do my first race, The Traverse. I loved it, and I finished it, which I am very happy about. I plan to continue racing. Thanks for being a part of the riding community.

Hope to see you at the next one or in the local mountains of Socal!