Sunday, May 25, 2008

The good old days - Durango, CO NORBA

Someone found this blast from the past. Maybe 1997?

Notice all the spectators. What happened to the press and race coverage since then?


D.B.O. said...

lance armstrong is what happened ......keep on crushing it TINKER!!!!!!!!!

Potts said...

Actually I believe it was 1995. I remember this because I broke my frame before IHBC and couldn't race, so I went anyways and worked my buddy's expo booth for the weekend instead. I wasn't to bummed about the broken frame after I saw the conditions. I remember watching Ned doing openers by running up Chapman with his bike.

That battle you and Tomac had on the Roostmaster was the most exciting mtb race I have ever watched. You two seemed to feed off the rabid crowd that day. I also remember that same crowd in 96' egging Furtado on to hit the mini-double while in the lead, she finally did but ate it hard and flipped the bird to the crowd when she got up.

That race got me so fired up on mountain biking I moved to Durango one month later.

Forrest said...

Here are some photos of you from the Iron Horse back in the day and Vail Worlds. I think you will enjoy them.

Tinker Juarez said...

I think Lance did so much for cycling and did a great job representing the US on a global perspective. What I want to see is the press and race coverage back at the off-road venues. There is so much going on all over the world that is not road racing and it's sad that the press and media and people are not getting there.

Potts - Thanks for reminding me about the year of the race - I have to rely on Mom cause I can't remember!! The eagle trophy is one of my favorite prizes of all time. I have it in my front room with two others and I look at it every day.

Hey Forrest I can't see those pics. Can you email them to me? dtinkerj at

My buddy Vic Armijo and I are writing a book and we are collecting photos. Any are welcome! If anyone has old race shots, please send them and we might even get to use them in the book.

Tinker Juarez said...

Ha! I found the photos. Damn that 1994 race was incredible and you had a great write up. Yep - I finished 2nd in the XC World Championship that day and that finish remains the best American finish in Worlds XC since then. Makes my mom proud.

Mike said...

Cool Vid Tinker! I raced with you at Sea Otter and out of curiosity, how's the competition now compared to back in whose days? I'm sure you hear that all the time..

Epic Adam said...

I think that clip is from one of the "Tread" films. Tread/Retread.

Great stuff.