Thursday, May 15, 2008

Joshua's Sponsors

He does not talk much but he sure has a lot to say and now he has two new sponsors!!!

Joshua would like to sincerely thank iBert and Strider Sports for providing fun new riding equipment!

We want to thank iBert for the kid's bike seat! We are having so much fun with it and now we have the Cannondale set up perfect. We put on a riser bar but couldn't use the Lefty so we tried out another kind. It works great! Joshua sits up front so the ride is much more fun and he gets to watch what Daddy and Mommy see, it is interactive, we can talk and enjoy the whole experience so much more than towing around a trailer. Thank you iBert! (Disclaimer - Mom and Dad NEVER leave the parking lot without a helmet...and neither should you!)
If you want to purchase one of the iBert SafeT seats you can get it on line at On Your Mark Performance: Click Here for iBert

At dinner, we met Ryan McFarland who told us about his new creation - the Strider...which is a small children's bike without pedals called a running bike. It is perfect for leaning to balance, steer, and build confidence and control! Joshua loves it and it matches the Mona Vie paint job on my Cannondale! Check them out at or and if you want to buy one - tell them you found out about it on my blog. I like to think this blog helps all the sponsors!

Thanks so much,

Tinker, Terri & Joshua

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Heeyeon said...

I recently received a (used)Cannondale F3000SL as gift from my mom. I also recently bought ibert. I came across your blog for cannondale+ibert. I was wondering if you could tell me how you attatched ibert on to your cannondale. I would really appreciate your help. Hee from South Korea.Thank you!