Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sea Otter 2008 Wrap Up

I got a couple of great photos at Sea Otter and am finally getting around to posting them. Sorry it took so long. I also wanted to say a little about my incredibly inspirational teamate Jamie Whitmore.

First I just want to say that Jamie is a super human. She was out there in the wind and cold weather with us supporting the team. She did not complain once - and it had only been about 2 weeks since she got out of the hospital from having a tumor removed from her hip. Her plan is to be back on the bike by August and I think she will do it. Here is a great photo of Jamie and her husband at the race. J amie - God Bless and keep up the amazing progress. I look forward to racing with you later this year.

Here am I with my son Joshua after the race. I finished 11th out of about 80...not bad for not planning!

And if I did not already tell you how much fun I am having riding for the team - then I don't know what but it is a great season so far. I've got a few more posts to do tonight since I have been taking a break on blogging so I'll make this one short but for sure it is a great team and I am proud to be a part of it.



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