Wednesday, June 04, 2008

24 Hours of Big Bear News

I think I am flattered!
Check out the news article on the Granny Gear race this weekend.
What's Old is New: Suzuki 24 Hour Points Series Returns to its Roots
Hope to see you out there!


Scott P said...

This was a first time for me to race alongside you Tinker, but you may remember I rode with you briefly in PA when you were doing the RAAM. Congrats on a strong performance and win on a course that was much tougher than normal, due to the rain earlier in the week. Were you able to clean that last climb? It's a challenge when dry, but the mud this year made it unmanagable for me!

gwadzilla said...

Tinker and the Bumble Bee!

my kids thought that was the coolest photo ever!

there is some fun to it

happy father's day


Tinker Juarez said...

Hi Joel,
Ha! What a great photo! Thanks for sending it. I will post it later.