Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Hot and Muddy 24 Hours of Big Bear, WV

A few photos that tell 1000 words. And a huge THANK YOU to my sponsors - especially Niterider, Cytosport, and CannondaleMonaVie and Robbie and his dad Steve and their friends for race support and all the help and good nutrition. I could not have won this race without you. I am working on the story that I will post later - it always takes me a while before it is readable.

Here is the story, brief results, and photos. Yep - it was one of the toughest 24 hour races I can remember. The competition was excellent and that made it a lot of fun. Congratulations to everyone that raced even if they did not finish. It was brutal.

One more thing - my friend, colleage, and competion in this race, Sal Rubial, was out there. Sal is a writer for USA Today and interviewed me for the 1996 and 2000 Olympics - a super nice guy and great writer. He won his age group and finished top 10 over all in the men's solo division. Congratulations Sal!!! I guess that Volvo gear had good karma!! Thank you for years of support.



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gwadzilla said...



I will admit that I was cheering for Steve Schwarz
but overall I cheer for good competition


only got one photo of you from the first lap
or more immediately

love the the photo of you with your son!

I bet he grows up to be a ROCK STAR just like his dad!