Sunday, July 27, 2008

About 12 Hours of 24

The good news is that Tinker is comfortably sitting in a restaurant right now about to devour some fresh hot coffee and a wholesome meal. His good friend Ed and mom Rose are there to brighten his deflated spirit after he had to withdraw from the 24 Hour Solo World Championship race last night close to midnight. Tinker badly wanted to win this race and focused his training and preparation even more than last year knowing it wouldn't be easy. Tinker was leading the race when he pulled out and headed to the medic tent. Here is what was posted on the 24Hr blog:

Tinker Juarez Withdraws from Race
2007 World 24 Hour Solo Champion, Tinker Juarez withdrew from the 2008 World 24 Hour Solo Championships. Mud from the course impaired Tinker's vision. Medical staff flushed his eye and recommended a cautionary visit to the Canmore Hospital. At the time of the incident, Tinker was leading the Elite men's category.
Posted by AdrenalinLive at
12:50 AM

He woke up this morning with blurry vision in one eye - the other swollen and sealed shut.

He doesn't know it yet but it looks like teammate Matt Ohran finished top 10 in the solo-speed category. I know he will be happy for him and his UK friend Mike Cotty who unofficialy finished 2nd in his age group.

We will keep you posted on Tinker's condition.

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