Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BMX waits 30 years to be an Olympic sport

Right now I am recording the Olympics BMX and will watch it when I get home from the American Mountain Classic in Brian Head, UT this weekend. I am so happy that BMX finally made it as an Olympic sport and it will always be in my heart and soul. Maybe Joshua will want to race BMX some day, but until then, I only get a chance to check it out when I watch the X games or if they have a track at one of the races.

When I checked youtube looking for that video from Singapore, I found this old video that Andy Ruffel posted. Check out the duds on me 30 years ago!

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SandPine said...

Que pasa Tinker... Hi from Florida... hey I hope you do get to catch some of the BMX action.... it was sick seeing that brutal course from what peeps were saying... If you can't get it on the DVR, check out the following link. Is the XS race for the women but in the same site you will find the full BMX action.