Tuesday, September 02, 2008

National MTB Oktoberfest in the news

We have been hard at work getting ready for the NMBO. Check out the latest Velonews.com article: Tinker Juarez Promoting North Carolina Event. The race is shaping up real nice and it looks like we will have some top pros out there along with all the families and other fun stuff. It truely will be a festival atmosphere!

Come on out and join us!

You can register on line: Register now

See you there...

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kayak surge said...

Checking this Oktoberfest out hope to join you there. Hey have you done the supertravessia in Portugal? I am considering it but it is long and grueling. Let me know your thoughts if you could, et3surge@bellsouth.net thanks been watching or riding around you since the 70's... Sergio