Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Signature Dred Tread Tires - Great for just about anything!

Someone asked me recently if I use the Dred Tread Signature tires I designed and I saw something on the internet saying that I don't. It is important for everyone to know that I love the Dred Treads and I recommend them for anyone who wants a multi-use tire that is primarily designed for endurance and durability but also one that is fast rolling. It is true that I don't use them all the time, because I choose tires to race based on the trail conditions. Sometimes they are right and sometimes not. Sometimes I want something super lightweight. Depends....and because Kenda has such an excellent variety, and because they take such good care of me, I have choices. The Dred Treads were designed for people that want to pick one tire that is good for a lot of things, and may not have the option to buy a bunch of different kinds for each trail condition. My wife loves the Dreds and so do a lot of other people that I meet that tell me how it is the best tire they ever tried. The folks up in the north east like it because it's good in the mud.

So, beware of what you read on the internet and try them out for yourself. Send me a note and let me know what you think.

Dred Tread Product Features:
Dual Tread Compound (DTC) for longer tread life and added traction
Low profile knobs for more race speed
Lightweight and fast rolling
Front or rear use

Product Description:
Tinker is your typical cross country racer - skinny, fit and fast. He wanted to build a tire that was a racer’s dream, but felt equally at home in an all day epic. From this criteria the Dred Tread was born. Thanks to the low profile knobs, it’s a fast rolling tire. Tinker designed it using our Dual Tread Compound to provide needed cornering grip with the added benefit of longer wear in the tire’s center and low rolling resistance. Each knob on the tire accomplishes a specific duty and we added Tinker’s initials on the side knobs for that personal touch.

Sizes Available:
26 x 1.8 (UPC: 047853835441)
26 x 1.8 UST Tubeless (UPC: 047853835434)
26 x 2.1 (UPC: 047853835427)
26 x 2.1 UST Tubeless (UPC: 047853835410)


umar @ wan said...

My comments are as follows:

1. The side knobs are too close together, mud cling to them.

2. The longer side knob should cover area left by the dots, for better traction.

3. The 1.8 is too narrow, 1.95 is much better.

4. So does the 2.1, 2.2 is much better.

Tinker Juarez said...

Hi Umar,
I am interested in your comments as I am currently developing a race version of the Kenda Dred Tred. Email me directly with more details or even a marked up photo of your comments. We already are addressing the knobs being further apart and size. We want to make a light weight race tire that can be made tubeless and also a version for 29" wheels.
Thank you for taking time to write.

dtinkerj at aol.com