Wednesday, October 15, 2008

24 Hours of Moab - What a sandblast! 16 laps; Distance Travelled: 238.56 miles; Elevation Gain: 21760 ft. Ouch.

Being sandblasted is so much better than being in a cold cold rain for 24 hours.

The start of the race went a little fast but steady. From the start Josh was ahead. Chris and I chased him knowing our places and taking it steady. 24 hours is a long time to race and we both have experience to know it's best to not push too hard. Every time I pushed too hard in the past it got the best of me so I was happy to get a good rhythm. There was no point trying to do something rediculuous since he always catches me so we stuck together for a long time. It wasn't too hard or too slow.

Me and Chris Eatough Moab 2008. Photo credit Ultrarob

The race went really well for me. I felt great but I got worried because I didn't eat much and they told me I wasn't drinking enough. I kept on trying though and I guess it worked for me but it was tough since it got so cold. But I did get good sleep before the race and a good pre race meal the night before and at breakfast. Mom was there to make sure I had good food and drinks all during the race.
Everyone asks me what I eat so here it goes.
Cytomax drinks every lap
Cytomax gels
Pepsi (not my sponsor but I like it)
turkey & ham with cheese wraps (quarters at a time)
Bart's Mom's spaghetti
Cytomax protein shakes
Protein juice shakes
breakfast burrito
way too many advils
Whatever I could eat to get enough calories!

I was having a tough time out there and felt nauseous because I think I was taking too much advil. My body was in pain and it was so cold. My knee was bothering me, too, so I was favoring the other one. Bottom line, I was nervous about how I started feeling as the race went on.

The course was taking a tool on my body, especially my knee. It was a lot of technical stuff that beat the poop out of you. I realized when I rode on the course on Thursday that this was not my kind of course and I wasn't confident with it. I was concerned about how technical it was and the challenge it would be with the potential weather and fatigue. Last time I was at Moab was 2003 and it changed a lot. The course was torn up and there was sugar sand everywhere. It was so slippery and the rocks were so technical. My goal was to finish well without mechanicals or injuries. I wanted a clean race and was damned determined to finish no matter what. A good result would be a bonus. There was no stress of having the big expectations to win which sort of worked out well for me. I was in a good mood and enjoyed it!

I finished 16 laps; Distance Travelled: 238.56 miles; Elevation Gain: 21760 ft. Ouch.

The night riding was awesome! It was a great ride. My Niterider lights worked awesome, the mechanics were on top of everything and it all came together so well. I want to thank the MonaVieCannondale gang, Mom, Chris, Matt, Bart's mom for all the good cooking, Ryan, and everyone else out there to help out and make it such an awesome race!! Everyone kept me going with good vibes and positive attitudes - I couldn't have asked for a better crew, period. Will someone please send me a photo to post???

Photo credit: Ultrarob

Oh yeah - can't forget to mention the weather. We dealt with wind and cold. Really cold and really windy conditions but it didn't rain. May have had a few snowflakes, but if it rained out there I don't know what would have happened. Someone had a big order in for the guy upstairs for good weather - and I want to say 'THANK YOU GOD'!

Also - Two of the MonaVieCannondale Pro Men's teams got 1st and 3rd place!

SobeBella got 2nd place in the Women's Pro team class

And the Mona Vie Cannondale VPs were out there racing just for fun! It was great to have them out there with us:
Yep - I am happy to get 2nd place! Now I will prepare for the next big event: the National Mountain Bike Oktoberfest in North Carolina! Hey if you want to come out it is not too late. The race is only about 20 minutes from the Charlotte airport and we have some top male and female pros coming out. It would be great to see you there!



tlideen said...


Congrats on your Moab race. You were amazing out there! My name is Taylor Lideen and am 18 years old from Phoenix. I ended up 9th in the race as a solo. You are such a positive influence on my riding and racing. You are such a class act out there! I am just curious if you could give me a few pointers for 24 hour solo racing. My e-mail address is It would be greatly appreciated. Once again congrats on such a great race and good luck on any upcoming events!

Dave Harris said...

Super ride Tinker. Seriously, I didn't know there was any terrain on the planet that wasn't your kind of course ;) Tough course for sure, it's hard to race that one for 24 hours but you nailed it.

Tinker Juarez said...

One thing I didn't mention in my race report was that Josh was on top of his game at Moab. That guy rode a stellar race and definitely earned the #1 spot. Congrats Josh!

CQ said...

Congrats on Moab. I was there working the check-in tent and really enjoyed watching you out there. It was a treat to see you come in every lap and cheer as you went riding off. It was a sandy 24-hours but loads of fun from my view.