Monday, October 06, 2008


Some say three is a charm.
Well maybe that will work since we were in Las Vegas for the 2008 Cactus Cup races and I had my third DNF of the summer. The race was put on by the same race promoter from back in the day when over 1,000 people attended and it was televised. It was huge back then and still has the potential. I was excited to be a part of it and gladly headed over to check it out.

The team all went to the annual Mona Vie Convention in Salt Lake City Thursday before the races so when I got to the race on Friday I went right into the first Super D I've ever raced. It was fun but I was not exactly fresh. We drove to Vegas from SLC through the night, got a quick nap and headed to the race. No preriding, which in hindsight, was a big mistake. But, I was happy with my 10th place finish in the Super D and loved the course.

Saturday we got a good night sleep at the Red Rock Resort. Of course you can't go wrong when you have a flat screen TV in your marble filled bathroom as you are lounging around in your hotel robe.


We started the day with a good breakfast and hot steamy coffee. The race started early, so there was no time to warm up or pre ride. We got to the line, put our numbers on, and had a short lemans start. Even though I am used to running in the endurance events, I still don't look forward to them but I got a decent start. Then we hammered into the single track. I haven't raced a short XC race like this in a while, but it didn't take long for me to remember that hard start and burn. You have to dig deep to get a good start and I think it was a good one for me but it wasn't great. I entered around 10th or 11th.

Then hammer fest. I was hoping there would be some climbing or other terrain to change it up or get some ground but we all stayed closely stacked. It was difficult to judge the corners and pick the lines so here is the part when I wished I had time to pre ride, and then the big rock happened. Later when I told the story, everyone knew which rock I was talking about so it wasn't just an ordinary rock, but the 'big rock' that got me.

After I picked myself off the ground, checked to make sure I still had all my teeth in my mouth, spit out some blood, made sure my nose was still attached, I noticed the rotor on my front disk brake was tacoed and the front tire was flat. So, I tried to take off the rotor, but I didn't have the tool for the Lefty. Eventually a couple of locals preriding the course offered a tool that worked and I was able to get back to the pit.
Note to self: Pack a Lefty tool and extra rotor next time.

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