Monday, October 06, 2008

Incycle Cross Country Challenge at Bonelli Park

I was training in the mountains on Friday and met up with a few guys from Mountain Bike Action Magazine that asked me if I was racing on Saturday in San Dimas. The first race of the Incycle Cross Country Challenge by Southern California Velo was scheduled. I guess I don't keep up with all the races as good as I used to so I didn't even know about it, but Terri, Joshua, and I had already made plans to go camping at our favorite spot right at the lake where the race was being staged. We called and I signed up.

I've been groaning over my bad luck lately so I really wanted to see how it would go and was hoping for the best.

It was a good turn-out, despite the rain, and the race went well. There was one other pro and a bunch of semi-pros and experts. It was a blast!!

So this was a great race for me and I won and had a great time talking with all the nice people before and after the race. The best part about mountain bike racing is all the cool people you get to meet. We got a few photos. Mom, Victor, Yvonne, Sebastian, Terri, and Joshua were all there to cheer me on. So was our newest family member Elmo. Mark Ray from Cannondale and the Incycle gang were out there, too, taking great care of everyone that needed it.

BIG Thanks to Incycle for all their support and working on my bike. Next time you need something, you should stop in. They have it all.



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