Monday, October 06, 2008

Tahoe Sierra 100 Wrap up

It has been real busy for me lately so I'm way backed up on my race reports so I will make this quick. First and foremost, I want to say that this race has intrigued me all year. I couldn't wait to race there - so beautiful, fantastic trails, as nice a place to travel to, and worth every cent in gas. The race promoter put on an excellent venue and was the ultimate back country endurance race - big trees, big mountains, big climbs, big fun! The promoter provided lights, food, tents, and everything else we needed. He took care of us because of his love for the sport and good riding. We were 40 miles from a little town named Auburn which was an hour and a half from the airport.

It was a true epic ride. Awesome!

So off we went.

And I felt great! I had good sleep and was pumped for a fun ride. It was me, Chris Etough, Jeremiah Bishop, Harlan Price, Jeff Schalk, and Evan Plews up in the early front group. We had a good hard start and then there was a washboard downhill section with a good steep descent. As I descended, I noticed my chain was off. It was early in the race and I didn't want to loose speed to stop so I continued figuring I could pedal it back on once I got through the technical stuff. I tried to pedal it back on but noticed something was wrong. I finally stopped and realized my derailer was missing. It could have been anywhere up that hill. So I decided to single speed it. I set it up the best I could and the chain wouldn't stay on. Somehow I bent it. I tried to shorten it, but that didn't work and by the time I was done having a fit about it (you can only imagine the emotions flying!), a very nice person stopped and handed me a piece of chain. She must have notice I was a little upset.

So, I put the piece of chain on and it still didn't work so I did my best to get going. By the time I got to the pit, I had already wasted an hour. I was done, though, and the second DNF that I know of for the day. Jeff crashed hard and had to pull out too.

Check out the story: Tahoe Sierra 100 Race report

Yep, this one was a real heartbreaker. The worst part of it was driving out and seeing how much of a beautiful ride I missed out on. So I can't wait until next year to try it again!

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