Thursday, November 13, 2008

ESPN Interview in Bike Park São Silvano, Brazil

This trip is turning out to be one of the best trips all season. Today I was interviewed by Renata Falzoni of ESPN at the Bike Park São Silvano located in the city of Morungaba, part of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, to be oficially opened to public in February 2009. The park has many trails, bmx track and a nice farm restaurant that will have local food as the main dishes. There is no web site yet, but there is a blog about the Short Track race they organized in October 2008

Here are a few photos. It was great!

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Renata said...

Tinker.. you are awsome, congratulations for winning once again the MTB 12 hours!

I talked to the organizar of the Desafio 24 hours and he will be talking to you.. he wants you to race his event ok?
Take care,

Renata Falzoni