Friday, November 21, 2008

Holy #@!%&*$ OWIE!!!!

GEEEZZZ!!!! It is unbelievable what hurts today. I woke up and now I know what it feels like to have a truck hit me - or in this case what it feels like to run into a truck.

I can't believe there isn't anything broken inside - I can barely move without sharp stabbing pain in my guts. I feel like there is something more serious going on that the x-rays couldn't tell. Except the pain is not only where I hit the truck - it is all inside under my ribs on the other side. It hurts to breathe, move, anything. So, we called Kaiser and they recommended another trip to the hospital today since the pain keeps getting worse and we spent the afternoon there...again. The Doc recommended a Cat Scan of my torso to inspect the bones better. They couldn't find any fractures and I still can't believe it.

I can tell you one thing, and that is how much I understand and appreciate how much pain my buddy Ed's son Paul has been going through since his motorcycle accident about a month ago. Paul hit a guardrail and shattered both legs - he is lucky to be alive. What I am going through is not even close to what he's gone through. You're the man Paul.

So now I need to try and rest and recover from the bruising and whatever soft tissue tears, or whatever is going on in there. But I have only been off my bike for one day and I am already crawling the walls. Yeah, I know I need to rest up and get well and ready for a 4 day stage race in South Africa in just a few weeks.

Well, at least I match my team colors! Purple and soon green!

I am just happy I can make a joke about something that scared the crap out of me so much and it could have been much worse. I am really really thankful.
God Bless,


Matthew said...

whoah! getting hit/hitting a car is no picnic. but it does make you feel awfully glad to be alive afterward. hope your convalescence is a speedy one. peace.

Pete said...

hey tinker, sorry to hear about your run in with the cager. did you get his insurance info? you shouldn't be footing the bill because of his incompetence. get well soon

Pedal Circles said...

Ouch! That's crazy. Heal up soon and kick butt in SA!!

TallahasseeTrails said...

Wow, Tink.
Thank goodness you're tough as nails.
Didn't you get your bike jacked at gunpoint a year or two ago?
My reaction at the bike shop when hearing about your latest mishap was, "Who do these guys think they are? Tinker is our National Treasure."
Stay safe(er) and heal fast, buddy.
Best to you and the family,

kayak surge said...

Dude that sounds awful. I ride in Miami and I have hit cars, been hit etc. but my fear is of hitting the opening door. You just showed me I have valid fears. I just saw a guy in Gotham Bikes in NYC that got "doored" that morning, he was in a sling.