Thursday, November 20, 2008



That is what Joshua said when he saw the cuts and bruises on my chest, shoulder, legs, and fingers. I was more vocal than that.

Yesterday after a great training ride in the mountains and about 3 hours and 15 minutes into it, I was well on my way home heading down Puente Blvd. A semi-busy 4 lane road with traffic lights, turning lanes, and parking along the side. Typical road in LA area but that is what we have here and I’ve been training on these roads for my whole life. Cranking along around 22mph.

I always watch for doors and people opening them.

But it completely caught me off guard.

Suddenly, WHAM, I was on the ground and the guy getting out of the car was pulling me out of the road. I was in a fetal position and had no idea what just happened. The only thought was what the hell is this guy doing picking me up when I might be broken? He didn’t want me to get run over by traffic.

The guy was nice and completely freaked out. He said he thought a motorcycle hit the door and that the door was bent.

I took the full force of the edge of the door across my chest and shoulder. I landed in a heap and didn’t even skid. Just dropped suddenly on my head. Wife says that landing on my hard head was probably a good thing….what does she mean by that??

So the guy dropped me off where Terri works and she immediately piled me and my broken bike into the truck and we headed to the emergency room. It’s been a long time since I was in one of them and was not too happy about it. I just wanted to go home and feel sorry for myself. I figured I was out and off the bike for the next 8 weeks and probably not going to be able to race at the Sabie Experience in a few weeks. Argh!!!

But the cat scan, blood tests, and xrays were all fine. I was a little dehydrated and scraped up and bruised but the Doc said I should be OK after a couple of weeks of rest and recovery.

But the bike won’t be so OK. There is a 4 inch crack in the top tube of the carbon frame. I’m not sure what else broke but the Reynolds wheels managed to hold up just fine.

Dangnabbit….I just finished putting the bike together. It was a brand new frame.

The photo doesn't do it justice since there isn’t much blood, but I’m in a lot of pain all in the inside.

I think I’ll go crawl up on the couch and feel sorry for my bike. I will be OK in a few days.



MM said...

Damn Tink! Glad you survived! Call Tamayo @ HealthNet...I think they have some Super6 frames left.

Erik said...

"The photo doesn't do it justice since there isn’t much blood, but I’m in a lot of pain all in the inside."
Just wait until all that blood starts turning funky colors, I'm guessing you are going to have a whole body bruise for a few weeks.

Glad you are OK! Or at least not more injured. Rest, Vit C, and lots of water, and you be kicking ass in no time.

Feel Better!

mrpedal said...

It's kinda far away from you in santa cruz (and hell, if the previous post mentioned people doling out new frames, that seems a nicer route...), but these guys fixed my carbon bike up for dirt cheap, and did a great job of it:

shoot me a mail if you want to see the before after. Bike hit the ground at 40ish mph, and put a 6-8" crack in the top tube from the head tube.

Kastnerd said...

Get well soon Tinker

Tinker Juarez said...

Hey Thanks! It ain't pretty. Will post the really black and blue marks with a note about my 2nd trip to the hospital today.