Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sabie Experience 4-day stage race in South Africa

I have to admit that jumping into a big trip after recovering from a big injury and the flu has made me a little more than nervous but I think I'm feeling good. Today I went for my first long ride since the injury. I felt pretty good! I went on the same mountain loop as that day. But I came home on a different route. Still feeling a little gun shy around car doors.

Working up to today has been tough. I woke up and felt so bad. Couldn't stop coughing for over an hour. So I took a nap and rested a while until I got a second wind. It was so beautiful today I had to go out and I'm so happy I did. It looks good for the trip and I'm really excited about that and to talk with my sponsors tomorrow. And also to return some calls. This is a tough job to live up to and you've just got to deal with it and what comes with it. It is not easy being on top of your game all the time. I am just so happy I feel this good because I wanted it to be great not just for my race but for the family since we are all going. It will be so fun and I was hoping it would go well.

Now just preparing for that 25 hour trip with a 2 year old..... Those are the REAL challenges in life!! Ha!

I did everything I could to try and get well and recover. One thing, though, that stood out and what I think helped the most was the Mona Vie. Seriously, it really helped me feel better and heal my injury. I've had a ton of crashes and injuries but the difference in the healing from all of them and this one was the Mona Vie. It was a miracle! Here is a photo from a few seconds ago. You can see the scar and remnants of the bruising - which pretty much covered my whole chest area. Well, it's bad and I was a complete grump in the last two weeks but my wife hasn't left me yet and she is still smiling. Maybe the Mona Vie helped out with that too? Well at least I like scars better than tatoos....I'll take a scar over the ink any day.

Here is my Toyota door scar.

Here is a really cool press release about the Sabie Experience: Sabie Experience Press Release

They said I am 'enigmatic'. I have to go look that one up...
en⋅ig⋅mat⋅ic [en-ig-mat-ik, ee-nig-] –adjective - resembling an enigma; perplexing; mysterious.

Ok so that means I am perplexing? I am perplexed. How could I be perplexing?? Or maybe I am mysterious.... I like mysterious better.

Oh -OK-back to the story.....

I will be racing as part of a duo team in a 4-day stage race and will post the race stories on the blog. The team name is: Honeystinger/DCM Chrome and my 21-year old partner is Janse van Rensburg, the current South African under 23-road champion. Read more details in the Cycling news article: Sabie Experience Press Release

So tonight we prepared for the trip and decorated the Christmas tree so when we get back it will be all ready for Chistmas. Here is Joshua decorating his version of a tree! That's my boy.

One last thing: Thank you everyone for all your messages and prayers! Every single word helped me build up the confidence and healing. I can't say thank you enough!

Peace and God Bless,


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