Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tinker's Christmas Gift Ideas

If you have not already picked out that perfect present for someone special or even if you are shopping for yourself, here are a few ideas. These are my favorite things that I use daily:


Without a doubt the best mountain bike on the planet is the Cannondale Scalpel. This is the ultimate gift for that someone special. But seriously honestly, any Cannondale bike you pick will be an excellent choice. Cannondale makes a bike for every enthusiast, not just for professional racing. Check out the website for all the choices:

Cycling Shoes:
Diadora cycling shoes It takes a lot for me to break in to anything new. A few years ago I started using Diadora cycling shoes and I have been continually impressed with them and I plan to use them for the rest of my professional career and way way beyond. Yes they are awesome cycling shoes. I use the Diadora Pro Trail Carbon in white. Diadora also made me a special pair of shoes with rainbow stripes and presented them to me at Interbike in September. I feel like I can win anything when I wear them!

Finding my way (GPS):

Garmin Edge 705 - This is one of the coolest gadgets I own. I am still learning all the bells and whistles but without a doubt one of my favorite things for training, racing, and fun riding.


Tifosi Optics My favorite is the Q3 but they have so many nice selections it is difficult to choose. My favorite thing about this company is their optics. They offer excellent quality eyewear for a reasonable price. Don't let the cost fool you - they are excellent quality eyewear - and my all time favorite for fit and comfort.


Niterider TriNewt and Flight 2.0. Niterider lights have a long standing high quality reputation for their cutting edge technology, brightness, and battery life. Keep an eye out on this company as they expand their product line. Right now my favorites are the super dependable TriNewt and Flight 2.0. I could not have been so successful in the 12 and 24 hour venues without the Niterider lights.


All terrain & racing: Dred Treds;
All terrain & racing: Karma;
Road: C2C
Kenda makes a top notch product no matter which one you pick. These are my top pics for mtb and road. I use these almost exclusively for all my riding. Keep an eye out for my newest design in 2009. We hope to announce it in the spring.

Cross Training:

If you want something really special for your cross training with the kids and better half, I highly recommend the Chariot child carrier. Here are a few photos of Joshua and I with the new Chariot Cross Country model CX2. This buggy is the ultimate in luxury and toughness. Kind of like Angelina Jolie. Take one of these home to honey and she will be endlessly grateful!!! (Big time brownie points on this one!!!)

Healing Power Inside and Out:

Start you year off right with Mona Vie! I cannot say enough about how much I have realized the healing power and healthful benefits of Mona Vie. It proved it's power for me when I was recovering from the car accident. I have never healed faster than that. I also notice my gray hair is not coming in as much! Ha! It is awesome, tastes great, and a must for your wellness program. They have a special going now for the holidays. Holiday Gift set: Jacqueline Pittman Distributor

Well, that is all for tonight, I have more on my list of gift ideas and will post photos and links later this week. Here is a preview:

Reynolds Wheels
Crankbrothers Quatros
Exustar hydration system and gloves
Cannondale Scapel
Cannondale Super Six
Magura brakes,
Fizik Dolamite saddle
Crocs shoes


EVOMO said...

Hey Tinker,
we are big fans of the Tifosi optics too.. Dolomite is our fav.
btw... Evomo has some pretty awesome Holiday Gift ideas... shirts, hats and more.

SandPine said...

Hola Tinker...
Nice shoes but i dig your socks. Nice Tequila to drink and forget it all :-) As for the Edge 705, is a bit pricy but definately a very nice training tool. Specially for road. Try loading some routes from and following them. As with all GPS's, is a bit off when under the trees. It will rob you a few mph on your av speed and distance. Good luck. Will you be in racing any of the Florida events this year?