Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mona Vie Cannondale Team Kick-Off at Sea Otter Classic 2008!!

I headed up to the Sea Otter Classic on Thursday and took the family for a relaxing no-race weekend. See, I just got back from Singapore on Monday last week and that kind of jet lag always takes me at least a week to get over. So we were just planning to have fun! Well - that idea was quickly forgotten about once I got there and everyone was having such a great time and the whole team was getting ready for their races.

So, naturally, I signed up for the X-country race on Sunday!

And we did have fun.

Mona Vie Cannondale was there with Cannondale, Mona Vie, and the Sobe team to kick off the new 2008 race teams. We had a really impressive and really big booth right next to the award stage and Cannondale was there with the best and brightest to help us out and demo the 2008 bikes. It was beautiful!

I like the new team:
Blake Harlan
Thomas Spannring
Bart Gilliespie
Bryan Alders
Jason Sager
Leana Gerrard
Matt Ohran
Jamie Whitmore
Sue Butler
Mitchell Peterson

Check out the riders and bios on the Mona Vie Cannondale web page.

They are young guns and it is good to be a part of a team again. These are very talented athletes and it is great to be able to see all them do so well. This really was the perfect venue for the team kick-off. I was really impressed that we did so well in semi-pro and pro-XC and all the rest of the stuff going on -- Cannondale had a lot of folks on that podium and in top 10!

Jason Sagar and I are the veterns of the bunch. I have been with a lot of good talent before, and it is really an honor and pleasure to be racing with him and the rest of the team. Being part of it gives me motivation to give it everything I can to do well and bring in the best result for the team. I am proud to be a teammate!

So - the weekend was real windy and cold on Saturday but Sunday turned out sunny and nice. I'm glad since I signed up for this impromptu race - it would have been a real bummer if the weather turned. But it ended up being really nice and a fast course. When I was down at registration I chatted with Dave Wings - he signed up too. Ned Overend said he was racing. Someone said this was a 'return of the legends' race! I was looking forward to racing these guys. It has been a while and that made it all the more fun! It was nice having everyone on the start line like in the past.

I started off feeling a lot better than I thought I would. It was a bit more stressful on the start line - knowing I had not prepared for this race like I normally would have and then knowing who all was there - over 80 racers on the start line. But I handled it and maybe even better than in the past. As I get older, I still feel that pre race feeling but it seemed like I found my position a little easier once we got going and I felt good.

The track wasn't bad - bumpy, sandy, and dusty, but I rode it well. I could have used a Kenda Karma on the back instead of a semi-slick. But a lot of the track was tight fast singletrack and it was tough getting good traction. Anytime I stood up to push power into the ride I noticed some slipping.

It seemed like only a few minutes and I realized the race was almost over - it had been just over 2 hours...a really short one for me! I had been trying to catch a Japanese rider on a 29er for most of the second lap. I whaled up the last climb at the end and closed the gap and tried to pass. It was a sprint to the finish rather as much of a sprint that I had left! We both finished with the same time - he was less than a bike length over first so I got 11th.

If we were racing at altitude, I know Ned and Dave would have dropped me fast. I don't remember thinking about where they were, but I knew they were there. Guess once you are on the line you don't think about it much - you just do your best. I got a good start and I could see ahead of me and knew it wasn't them. And I felt good and gave it what I had trying to finish top ten.

So later that day someone asked me why I didn't warm up. Well, I never warmed up even back in the '90s. My feeling is what is the difference? What is it going to do for me? If it won't help me finish faster. Maybe it will help my legs feel better at first but that first lap is a hard effort and they are going to feel it anyway. I guess I just don't think it helps me place any better. But that is what I do and I do not recommend this to everyone - you need to figure out what works best for you.

Jason has a few photos on his FREE SAGER photo stream and this computer decided to run a virus scan so I'm over and out for now....


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bike Asia 2008

Just got back from a really great trip to Singapore for BikeAsia and the 100K MTB race. It was a great experience to meet such nice people - warm and gentle and just my size! I think there is a bright future for the athletes there - and I raced a lot about half my age. It was fun racing and it showed the talent of the folks there. It is so nice to see the upcoming talent. It keeps me motivated and one thing I strive for is to make an impact and hopefully motivate them to keep on trying. I know dreams do come true.

Here is a shot of rolling into the start/finish and a couple action and podium photos from the blogs below. Even though the promoters stopped the race due to lightning was a great race and I won! I was heading into lap #9 of 10 and was told to stop. It was pouring rain and lightning so they made the call for safety reasons.

Oh - it was great to meet Sophia Loren!!! If you don't know who she is - you're either very young or do not have access to technology! She is a mega movie star and is still a jaw dropping beautiful woman at 73. It was an honor and pleasure to hold her hand and talk with her!

I am so flattered by the hospitality and generosity from everyone. I hope my appearance there at the show and the race helped out a lot.

What was so cool about it is that so many of the people - fans - that have followed my career from way back in the BMX days through Volvo and now. They brought me so many perfect shaped articles, jerseys, whatever for me to sign. It was really impressive.

One thing before I close this brief report is that the Cannondale rep and shop owner "Crazy Chris Bray" was a great host. He took really good care of me. Thank you Chris! I can't wait to come back next year.

So now I'm off to Sea Otter Classic in Monterrey, CA this weekend with the family and just for fun. We are kicking off the team! Join us for breakfast the Mona Vie Cannondale way on Saturday morning at the Mona Vie booth!

Peace and God Bless,


PS -

I got a few emails from some of the people I met and they sent photos but one sent me this note on one of my blog posts and I for sure wanted to share the photos and stories! Check it out:

Hi Tinker,

This is Ling, one of the Dirtfolks from DirTraction whom you met during your trip to Singapore.Thought you'd like to catch a glimpse of some of the photos taken of the race and especially of you on the Tampines track.The links should be up on the DirTraction website shortly ( but here's a sneak preview from my blog :, Ming (the moustacho guy whom you met on Sunday night) wrote something on his blog as well : you enjoyed yourself while you were in Singapore!



Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sophia Lauren & me in the same article!

Wow - I cannot believe I am in an article with Sophia Lauren! I even got a photograph with her!

News about the Singapore bike show and me and Sophia!

2008 Sponsors

I am one of the luckiest people on the planet.

As I prepared to write up a short announcement of my 2008 sponsors, I sat back in my chair for a minute to think. I was pondering the last 35 seasons of racing bikes and wondering if it has really been that many years, or am I hallucinating, or did I dream it all?? Then I get up and go into the room where I have the pool table and some of the awards, momentos, photos, trophys, and magazines I've kept over the years and I remember---oh yeah! I did do that and I am still doing it!!!!

It has been a fantastic dream come true.

And one thing is for certain. I could not have accomplished so much without the support from all the sponosors. From the very deepest part of my heart, I want to thank them all. I want to thank every single company that believed in me and sponsored me and continue to sponsor me. I also want to thank them for giving me a lifetime of memories. I hope I did my part to make it worth it for you.

I am very happy to announce the following 2008 Sponsors:

Mona Vie
Kocina Welding

Solo Tequila
Team Bigfoot
Tifosi Optics

Thank you.


NMBS Fountain Hills Marathon 2008 Race Coverage

Crampfest in the Desert
That is no joke.
It was nice in the morning but it got hot and I did not drink enough water. Nat went through 13 bottles! And I was wishing I could have his backwash.

Here is the story on Crampfest in the Desert

Monday, April 07, 2008

Team 2008 Roster Announced

It is going to be a great year.

I'm proud to announce the 2008 Mountain Bike Team!! Check out the release and 2008 roster on the website: Team 2008 Roster Annnounced.

We have a great new slogan "Epic racing around the world" and that pretty much sums up what we do - and do well. The team will hold the official media presentation and announcement at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterrey, CA April 17-20, 2008.

I'm proud to be a part of a team full of talented and super nice people.

Cheers for a great year!!

Tinker....and Tinker!