Saturday, May 31, 2008

8000 feet of climing at the Traverse

This is one of those races I have been searching for - a local race with tons of climbing.

Perfect to get me ready for Big Bear 24 hours in WV this weekend. OC you did well.

I've been training hard doing a lot of climbing and I wanted to see how my fitness was before the 24 hours at Big Bear WV and what better to do on a Saturday doing tons of climbing in a 40+ mile race. May 17, 2008.

It was hot.
Real hot.
It was dusty.
There was lots of fire road climbing.
There was beautiful scenery.

It gave me a flash of preparing for something like La Ruta - where you just go out and train real hard climbing as much as you think could ever climb for almost 4 hours.

The scenery was so nice - we rode above Lake Elsinore - like 5000 feet above the lake. I would recommend this race to anyone and look forward to going back for a few more. I want to bring the wife and baby so they can get a ride in too. But the race promoter did such a great job with excellent sag stops and a feast afterward. Check out for more information. They always have a charity to benefit so you feel really good helping someone else that needs it.

And one thing is for sure - MANY THANKS to pontony Rick who could not make it and he gave me his entry for the race that was already full. Oh and I won the race less than 3 minutes from the record (not really sure about this but that is what someone told me.) I'll try to beat it next time.

We are heading to WV on Thursday for my first 24 hours this year. I usually get at least one in by now but it didn't work out this time. I am really looking forward to the race - my first time at this historical race but Cannondale had their sales meeting there last year and when I saw it I knew I wanted to go back. So when I saw this race advertized, I jumped on it. Will post a race report as soon as I can next week. Supposed to be about 50 solo riders and some good competition.

Got to go get my beauty sleep now!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

The good old days - Durango, CO NORBA

Someone found this blast from the past. Maybe 1997?

Notice all the spectators. What happened to the press and race coverage since then?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cruising the Conejo for 100 miles

I don't know what comes over me but every time I get a number put on my bike and no matter where it is or how long the ride but I can't help but race it. This fun ride for charity was no exception! Cannondale helped support the 24th Annual Cruisin the Conjeo 2008 bike festival in Newbury Park, CA on May 10th. We had a demo truck at registration at the Newbury Park Bicycle Shop Friday evening and I brought the family to hang out with me. It was busy!

Saturday morning the ride started early and I rolled out with about 1200 other riders. Some were there for the race like me, some for fun, some for exercise, and some to prove to themselves they could ride 100 miles, or 65 mile, or 21 miles. But everyone was there because they love to ride their bicycle. That is why I love these events! It is so great to see such a passion for cycling in everyone. It makes me proud to be a part of it.

Just want to thank the Boy Scouts of America for providing lunch and the rest of the sponsors for all the goodies. Next year, I highly recommend heading over to this event - it was a beautiful ride with perfect weather.

Peace and out for now,

Race Report - Dirt Sweat & Gears May 3, 2008

Racing 12 hours in the hilly Tennessee wilderness was beautiful and tough. I did 11 laps on the 10.5 mile course being chased the whole time by Sobe Cannondale's Brandon Draugelis. I was able to hold him off and won the race but he kept me racing hard the whole time. We both finished with the same number of laps. It was definitely hard work.

I flew in Friday and met up with my grown son David Jr. who arrived late in the evening. It was raining so hard that evening and the forecast called for rain to continue into the morning and that is exactly what happened. We headed to the track too early for a good breakfast and I was tired and anxious about the track conditions. But when the rain stopped and the track dried up a little, it wasn't so bad at all and was fun to race on.

I was tired at the start of the race and I knew when I had a chance to be on the front and I was riding decent, it was my chance to get a gap. It was important to think that the others were having the same issues since the mud was clogging up everything and it was a sloppy mudfest. Chains were breaking, it was sippery, and mud was everywhere. I had my hardtail Cannondale Taurine which I knew would be better in those conditions so it worked out good for me. But, I was nervous since I only had one bike and I had to stop at the pit to de-mud every chance I had. The conditions got better as the race went on and it got easier to keep the Taurine clean and running good.

There was a time when I had a decent gap on Brandon, Josh Tostado and Nat Ross. Josh and Nat beat me last year and I knew if I could get a gap and race consistently, I might have a chance for redemption. Everyone had mechanicals but I got so lucky. Last year I got 2 flats on the first lap. This year I didn't have any mechanicals and the advantage. I didn't feel great but kept consistent. I heard Brandon had made a mistake and the promoter had him correct it so some of the time he had made up, evened us out. I saw where the mistake was and it was understandable and admirable the promoters had him correct it insead of a DQ.

I ended up putting on my Niterider lights a little early and got two good night laps in. The extra weight was not an issue with these lights since they are so light so I did not mind racing 2 laps without needing to have them on. They are the best lightweight batteries and brightest lights I've ever used.

Steve from Dalton Bicycle Works in GA was there again with me this year and did so awesome. He was on top of everything and gave me good updates between laps. Also, he worked on my bike and kept it perfect. Just wanted to THANK YOU Steve for all your awesome help.

Well, the time went by too fast and I didn't get much opportunity to hang out with David Jr. He helped me out and it was great to see him cheering me on from the sideline and hearing him call me dad. I am so proud of him and look forward to his visit to CA soon. We plan to do some riding together.

Just want to thank DS&G once again for one of the most fun races of the season and an awsome venue. This is one of my favorites and I am already looking forward to returning next year to defend my title!




Thursday, May 15, 2008

Joshua's Sponsors

He does not talk much but he sure has a lot to say and now he has two new sponsors!!!

Joshua would like to sincerely thank iBert and Strider Sports for providing fun new riding equipment!

We want to thank iBert for the kid's bike seat! We are having so much fun with it and now we have the Cannondale set up perfect. We put on a riser bar but couldn't use the Lefty so we tried out another kind. It works great! Joshua sits up front so the ride is much more fun and he gets to watch what Daddy and Mommy see, it is interactive, we can talk and enjoy the whole experience so much more than towing around a trailer. Thank you iBert! (Disclaimer - Mom and Dad NEVER leave the parking lot without a helmet...and neither should you!)
If you want to purchase one of the iBert SafeT seats you can get it on line at On Your Mark Performance: Click Here for iBert

At dinner, we met Ryan McFarland who told us about his new creation - the Strider...which is a small children's bike without pedals called a running bike. It is perfect for leaning to balance, steer, and build confidence and control! Joshua loves it and it matches the Mona Vie paint job on my Cannondale! Check them out at or and if you want to buy one - tell them you found out about it on my blog. I like to think this blog helps all the sponsors!

Thanks so much,

Tinker, Terri & Joshua

Sea Otter 2008 Wrap Up

I got a couple of great photos at Sea Otter and am finally getting around to posting them. Sorry it took so long. I also wanted to say a little about my incredibly inspirational teamate Jamie Whitmore.

First I just want to say that Jamie is a super human. She was out there in the wind and cold weather with us supporting the team. She did not complain once - and it had only been about 2 weeks since she got out of the hospital from having a tumor removed from her hip. Her plan is to be back on the bike by August and I think she will do it. Here is a great photo of Jamie and her husband at the race. J amie - God Bless and keep up the amazing progress. I look forward to racing with you later this year.

Here am I with my son Joshua after the race. I finished 11th out of about 80...not bad for not planning!

And if I did not already tell you how much fun I am having riding for the team - then I don't know what but it is a great season so far. I've got a few more posts to do tonight since I have been taking a break on blogging so I'll make this one short but for sure it is a great team and I am proud to be a part of it.



Thursday, May 08, 2008

Busy weekend for Mona Vie Cannondale Team

Cannondale Global News story on the weekend results from our team! Click HERE.

Also - Check out the story on

Busy story later...

Gone riding,