Saturday, November 22, 2008

MTB 12 Horas Wrap Up

Just a quick recall of one of the best trips in a long time. It was an experience I will never forget and am truely thankful for. I am already looking forward to bringing the family next year and to help promote the new Bike Park in 2009.

I met Roerto Nogveira when I arrived to his property at the Bike Park Sao Silvano which is about 50 miles from Sao Paulo in a town called Morungaba. Driving up the farm driveway was not your ordinary driveway. Much more like a resort. It took about 9 miles off the main road to get to the house and my driver Fabio, the editor of Bike Action Magazine asked me what did I think of the place. I was sort of in awe. It was beautiful.

There were big birdcages with macaws and the offspring macaws flew freely; a parking garage with a collection of 30 classic cars neatly covered up - a legacy from a former car racing era; a Lodge; a lake; a mountain bike park; and horse stables and trails. All this in the middle of the property of LRC MADEIRAS - a green friendly lumber company that has been in the business for over 35 years. They are passionate environmentally friendly people that grow their own food and use and recycle every bit what they can. It was an awesome sight and very impressive.

These guys are loud in the morning. There were about 10 on the property.

Favorite passtime

Roberto raced this one recently

Here I am in my Crocs pointing to a car the same age as me!


The race: Gun started the race at midnight Saturday night. This is the only place I have ever been where they start the race at midnight. It's not easy getting your brain adjusted to race when it thinks you should be sleeping!! Brazillians like the late night routine...and even though this is the fourth time I've done the race, it is not something I can get used to. Early to bed and early to rise for me.

I felt good and took the lead within the first 15 minutes of the race. I stayed in the lead for a long time. Maybe 5 hours. It was a hard fast pace but I had good rest at the lodge for the few days prior, and that always helps me a lot. The track was perfect - just like I like it - about 800 feet of climbing per lap and a good fun course.

At the end, I completed 20 laps of the 6.5 mile course. I held my lead in solo through the whole race and I think this was one of the best races I've ever done in Brazil. I won by 2 laps. They said I have the course record for a solo rider for this race. This was by far the best performance I ever had there and I finished fifth overall for all the classes. Yep - it sure does feel good to do so well!

The biggest thanks go to Roberto for getting me there, taking such good care of me, and for all the awesome hospitality. And also to Fabio for being a big part of getting me there and everywhere when I was there. Roberto put together a good crew for supporting me during the race and these guys did such a great job. They saved me from a broken chain in the morning towards the end of the race and saved the day.

Next year I am planning to return to the Bike Park and hopefully will be there with the team.



Friday, November 21, 2008

Holy #@!%&*$ OWIE!!!!

GEEEZZZ!!!! It is unbelievable what hurts today. I woke up and now I know what it feels like to have a truck hit me - or in this case what it feels like to run into a truck.

I can't believe there isn't anything broken inside - I can barely move without sharp stabbing pain in my guts. I feel like there is something more serious going on that the x-rays couldn't tell. Except the pain is not only where I hit the truck - it is all inside under my ribs on the other side. It hurts to breathe, move, anything. So, we called Kaiser and they recommended another trip to the hospital today since the pain keeps getting worse and we spent the afternoon there...again. The Doc recommended a Cat Scan of my torso to inspect the bones better. They couldn't find any fractures and I still can't believe it.

I can tell you one thing, and that is how much I understand and appreciate how much pain my buddy Ed's son Paul has been going through since his motorcycle accident about a month ago. Paul hit a guardrail and shattered both legs - he is lucky to be alive. What I am going through is not even close to what he's gone through. You're the man Paul.

So now I need to try and rest and recover from the bruising and whatever soft tissue tears, or whatever is going on in there. But I have only been off my bike for one day and I am already crawling the walls. Yeah, I know I need to rest up and get well and ready for a 4 day stage race in South Africa in just a few weeks.

Well, at least I match my team colors! Purple and soon green!

I am just happy I can make a joke about something that scared the crap out of me so much and it could have been much worse. I am really really thankful.
God Bless,

Thursday, November 20, 2008



That is what Joshua said when he saw the cuts and bruises on my chest, shoulder, legs, and fingers. I was more vocal than that.

Yesterday after a great training ride in the mountains and about 3 hours and 15 minutes into it, I was well on my way home heading down Puente Blvd. A semi-busy 4 lane road with traffic lights, turning lanes, and parking along the side. Typical road in LA area but that is what we have here and I’ve been training on these roads for my whole life. Cranking along around 22mph.

I always watch for doors and people opening them.

But it completely caught me off guard.

Suddenly, WHAM, I was on the ground and the guy getting out of the car was pulling me out of the road. I was in a fetal position and had no idea what just happened. The only thought was what the hell is this guy doing picking me up when I might be broken? He didn’t want me to get run over by traffic.

The guy was nice and completely freaked out. He said he thought a motorcycle hit the door and that the door was bent.

I took the full force of the edge of the door across my chest and shoulder. I landed in a heap and didn’t even skid. Just dropped suddenly on my head. Wife says that landing on my hard head was probably a good thing….what does she mean by that??

So the guy dropped me off where Terri works and she immediately piled me and my broken bike into the truck and we headed to the emergency room. It’s been a long time since I was in one of them and was not too happy about it. I just wanted to go home and feel sorry for myself. I figured I was out and off the bike for the next 8 weeks and probably not going to be able to race at the Sabie Experience in a few weeks. Argh!!!

But the cat scan, blood tests, and xrays were all fine. I was a little dehydrated and scraped up and bruised but the Doc said I should be OK after a couple of weeks of rest and recovery.

But the bike won’t be so OK. There is a 4 inch crack in the top tube of the carbon frame. I’m not sure what else broke but the Reynolds wheels managed to hold up just fine.

Dangnabbit….I just finished putting the bike together. It was a brand new frame.

The photo doesn't do it justice since there isn’t much blood, but I’m in a lot of pain all in the inside.

I think I’ll go crawl up on the couch and feel sorry for my bike. I will be OK in a few days.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ha! I don't speak Portugueze but can copy and paste really well. Here is the press release announcing my win at the MTB 12 Horas. Yippee! It was awesome. Will work on my story tonight...



De MediaBike ComunicaçãoPara Editoria de EsportesSão Paulo, 16 de novembro de 2008 TINKER JUAREZ É TRICAMPEÃO NO MTB 12 HORAS

O ciclista norte americano David Tinker Juarez consagra-se como o maior campeão solo da principal prova de endurance de mountain bike do país Em sua quarta participação no MTB 12 horas, o americano Tinker Juarez foi imbatível para conquistar o terceiro título na competição. Aos 47 anos, o atleta fez uma corrida perfeita: liderou de ponta a ponta para confirmar o favoritismo entre os 60 participantes da categoria solo.Tinker Juarez encabeçou a classificação geral nas primeiras seis horas da competição. "Pedimos para ele tirar o pé e administrar, pois naquele momento ele já obtinha uma grande vantagem sobre os adversários", conta o empresário Roberto Nogueira, responsável pela participação de Tinker Juarez no Brasil, a fim de promover o mais novo parque para a prática do mountain bike no Brasil, o Bike Park São Silvano, que ofereceu uma premiação de R$ 1000,00 para o campeão geral da categoria Solo.Com largada a meia noite no estilo "le mans", na Arena do Mountain Bike no Shopping Serrazul, em Itupeva (SP), Tinker Juarez saiu forte na corrida a pé e logo assumiu a terceira colocação geral, evitando tráfego pelo percurso, e assim, favorecendo seu desempenho ao longo da prova. Esta foi a quarta visita de Tinker Juarez no Brasil, onde já obteve duas vitórias no MTB 12 Horas (2003 e 2005), já sua participação em 2006, ele abandonou a prova com pouco mais de 8 horas de prova após problemas em sua bicicleta, devido a forte chuva que aconteceu naquele ano. Tinker Juarez é uma das figuras mais populares no mundo da bike, uma lenda que se especializou em provas de longa duração e que em 2001 entrou para o Hall da fama do mountain bike. Tinker tem um currículo invejável, como: medalha de Ouro no Pan Americano de 1995, vice-campeão mundial em 1994, sete vezes campeão americano de mtb e 4 vezes campeão americano de 24 horas e um título mundial 24 horas. O MTB 12 horas contou com uma grande infra-estrutura, com arquibancada para 3 mil pessoas, palco, telão, banheiros, água e hidratação para os atletas durante as 12 horas de prova e serviço médico. E para não deixar o pessoal dormir, a partir das 2 horas da manhã acontece o tradicional concurso Garota 12 horas. O evento aconteceu neste fim de semana, dias 15 e 16 de novembro, na Arena do Mountain Bike no Shopping Serrazul, no KM 72 da Rodovia dos Bandeirantes, em Itupeva (SP). A competição foi mais uma promoção e organização do Sampa Bikers Club e patrocínio da Philips e Centauro. O co-patrocínio é do Shopping Serrazul e apoio de Água Crystal, Deuter, Solid Sports, Spec, Bell, Vzan, Gu, Madis, Headwear, Vipal , Bike Park São Silvano e UNIMED Campinas.Saiba mais:http://www.tinkerjuarez.comhttp://tinkerjuarez.blogspot.com MediaBikeFotos: Fabio Piva/ PPPress

Thursday, November 13, 2008

ESPN Interview in Bike Park São Silvano, Brazil

This trip is turning out to be one of the best trips all season. Today I was interviewed by Renata Falzoni of ESPN at the Bike Park São Silvano located in the city of Morungaba, part of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, to be oficially opened to public in February 2009. The park has many trails, bmx track and a nice farm restaurant that will have local food as the main dishes. There is no web site yet, but there is a blog about the Short Track race they organized in October 2008

Here are a few photos. It was great!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 Horas MTB

Do you know how it feels after flying for 18 hours, taking a long car ride, a helicopter tour, fishing, and a training ride followed by a meal prepared within hours after picking the vegetables from the garden and plucking the chicken? Well I didn't know that until today either!! It started yesterday when my plane left LA for Sao Palo Brazil and it's been crazy fun since I got off the plane. Here are a couple of photos for now...more later.

I am here for the 12 Horas MTB race this weekend and they have an awesome new race course. More on that later too.

Sleep for now.

Me and Roberto Nogueira



Monday, November 03, 2008

Photo Journal of National MTB Oktoberfest

A little rain, a lot of mud, fierce competition and loads of racing and riding, the first National Mountain Bike Oktoberfest truly had something for everyone. From the Friday NiteRider Short Track Race on Friday, to the main event on Saturday, to the Time Trials and the Beast on Sunday, NMBO competitors clocked a lot of miles on their way to the finish lines.
Check out the stories on VeloNews and Cycling News, then hop over to Cyclepix to check out some awesome race photos by Ron Richardson and purchase a few for posterity!

And the Oktoberfest Grand Champions are ....
First Place: Jafer Beizer ( U23 Team) rode to a strong finish in the 8 Hour Endurance Race, and had podium finishes in both Time Trials and the Beast.

Second Place: Michael Nixon (SoBe/Cannondale) decided on the spot on Thursday to compete in every event, had a podium finish in the Time Trials and finished first overall in the Beast.

Third Place: Chris Baker (Bicycle Sport/Shannon Ridge Winery) rode toe-to-toe with guys half his age and competed in every event with strong finishes.

Get the Official Results at! And check out the story on our NMBO website: NMBO 2008

They say a photo is worth 1000 words...and since it's been so crazy catching up since the NMBO race, I figured we might be able to get by with a photo journal for this one. So, while I was attempting to upload 25 or so photos I realized it was nuts!! I opened a Kodak Gallary account and posted all the photos on there. Here are some of the photos, in no particular order....
Find the rest of the photos that Terri had on her camera at this link: Click here

One thing for sure is I wanted to thank our generous sponsors and volunteers for making this event such a huge success. We've received tons of emails thanking us and telling us how well organized the event was and that is was above and beyond much of what they have attended. We could not have done this without our sponsors and volunteers!


(Click here for the NMBO Sponosrs links below - in no particular order)

Anse Chastanet
Cool Breeze Cyclery
Cliff Bar
Pasta Provisions
The Egg at Davidson
Organic Systems, Lcc
The Right Words
Cowbell Challenge
DTJ Enterprizes
Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine
The Bicycle Sport
Summit Coffee

Some of the photos:


Nat Ross, Jeramiah Bishop, Harlan Price, and me - Nat won King of the Mountain

Paramedics on call - not much work for them to do this weekend.

Me getting a good luck smooch.

What is this??? A frog?

Some of the NMBO Race Staff and Taylor Sullivan

Bike Rumor interview with the pros

A fan with an old school shirt he wore just for the event

Me and wifey

Tommy from Niterider and me

The loot for the 8-hr race winners

Nixon and James from Cannondale. I could not have done so well on the 8hr event without James there! Thanks James!

Potty guy delivering the goodies. This was one of the best sights on Thursday!