Thursday, February 26, 2009

BikeAsia & MTB race in Tampines

In Singapore now and having a great time. Here is a snapshot of the BikeAsia activities. Mario and Gary are here too so that will be fun. It rained yesterday during the group ride but the course is fun. It will be a wet night race maybe about 10 laps? Anyway, I have my Niterider lights ready to go. Chris Bray of Cannondale is showing me a good time. Photos and story later.

Diary of Events - Activities at a Glance

27 February 2009

1100hrs BIKEASIA Opening Ceremony
1430hrs Forum on Urban Mobility and Electric Vehicles
1600hrs Fashion Show
1630hrs Bicycle Trials by Singapore BikeTrial
1700hrs Bike Trials by Oliver Ronzheimer
1720hrs BMX practice

28 February 2009

1130hrs Inspirational Talk by Mario Cipollini, Italy, World Road Champion 2002
1200hrs Bike Trials by Oliver Ronzheimer
1230hrs Bicycle Trials by Singapore BikeTrial
1300hrs History & Future of the Most Popular Cycling Race in Malaysia
Presented by COO of Tour de Langkawi
1330hrs Fashion Show
1400hrs BMX Contest
1600hrs Bike Trials by Oliver Ronzheimer
1630hrs Bicycle Trials by Singapore BikeTrial
1700hrs BMX Freestyle Demo (Bicycle)
1700hrs 100KM Mountain Bike Marathon, 1st Night Race Tampines Park
1730hrs Bike Trials by Oliver Ronzheimer
1745hrs Prize Presentation for Photography Competition 2009
1800hrs BIKEASIA Lucky Draw
1830hrs Bicycle Trials by Singapore BikeTrial

1 March 2009

1200hrs Bike Trials by Oliver Ronzheimer
1230hrs Bicycle Trials by Singapore BikeTrial
1300hrs BMX Freestyle Demo
1300hrs Gary Fisher & Tinker Juarez, The Future of Mountain Bike
1330hrs Fashion Show
1400hrs Prize Presentation for 100KM Mountain Bike Marathon & Lucky Draw
1500hrs Bicycle Trials – Record Breaking Jump Competition at Regional Level
(Asia Pacific Record)
1630hrs Bike Trials by Oliver Ronzheimer
1700hrs Bicycle Trials by Singapore BikeTrial
1730hrs Bike Trials by Oliver Ronzheimer
1800hrs BIKEASIA Lucky Draw
1830hrs Bicycle Trials by Singapore BikeTrial

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Singapore or bust

I'm heading out to the Bike Asia show and MTB race tomorrow and plan to try and get creative with the camera so I can post a really great story about the trip. I will try and blog as soon as I get back.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Well, this is not going to be a detailed account of the race, but I did want to say thank you to Todd for putting on another excellent race. The OP race is and always will be one of my favorites. Yep I do like tons of climbing but out there it is all about the rest of the riders and the crew supporting you. And this year the crew was awesome. Rob 'Grimie' Briggs from the Bicycle Ranch and Chris Maloni was out there with my mom and Victor, Trevor, Jennifer, and Nick Finch. AWESOME crew! Thank you for putting up with me because this is one race that I was not a happy camper. Not even a little bit. I just want you to know it had nothing to do with the crew but things didn't shake out as planned.

We had problems from the start and after about 4 hours everything was going good but the early part of the race made it difficult for me to get my head into it and the right mind to focus. It was tough. I also crashed on my third lap pretty hard high speed and my wheel washed out and I went sailing and sliding. My knee is still swollen and my side hamburger but to be honest I had no idea it was that bad until after the race was over. I just knew I had to finish and so I did.
Oh and Plews...he had a great ride and I want to congratulate him for the win. It was funny out there - he knew he wanted to win and he had a plan. It was the first time I raced him at this level and athletes with that in their head and the ability is what makes this sport so much fun....and frustrating! It is awesome to see this level of competition and the new faces. Ian Leitch was equally focused and the battle was good.

I need to bring my full army next time.

Just a couple of photos of the morning cows, lovely me, and Rob's new morning look.
This race was not the fourth OP win I was hoping for (2003, 2006, 2007 were the other three plus I finished second in 2004), but finishing third among this competition is not at all bad. Thanks for the great race everyone!


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Getting Ready for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Just a quick update about the next race next weekend at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. I love this race - every year I look forward to it and I had to miss it last year but man I can't wait to go back. The OP race has always been one of my favorites despite being so damn cold at night, it is so awesome to be out in the beautiful desert with so many riders. Everyone is having a good time and that is what matters....kind of like a party on a bike except it's a race.

Chris Maloni from Cannondale and Bicycle Barn Grimy Rob from the Bicycle Ranch will be crewing for me. These guys are dependable and awesome to work with.

This week I had two long rides up in the San Gabriel mountains, one mtb and one road. Todays ride got cut short because can you believe it but it rained...go figure. My wife is dancing outside in it but I'm cussing it! Anyway, tapering and rest and good food for the next few days so I can pack and get ready.

Well, I just want to say I cannot wait to see everyone. I better remember to pack my cans so I can get in. Bring lots of canned food for the charity....

God Bless,