Thursday, February 19, 2009

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Well, this is not going to be a detailed account of the race, but I did want to say thank you to Todd for putting on another excellent race. The OP race is and always will be one of my favorites. Yep I do like tons of climbing but out there it is all about the rest of the riders and the crew supporting you. And this year the crew was awesome. Rob 'Grimie' Briggs from the Bicycle Ranch and Chris Maloni was out there with my mom and Victor, Trevor, Jennifer, and Nick Finch. AWESOME crew! Thank you for putting up with me because this is one race that I was not a happy camper. Not even a little bit. I just want you to know it had nothing to do with the crew but things didn't shake out as planned.

We had problems from the start and after about 4 hours everything was going good but the early part of the race made it difficult for me to get my head into it and the right mind to focus. It was tough. I also crashed on my third lap pretty hard high speed and my wheel washed out and I went sailing and sliding. My knee is still swollen and my side hamburger but to be honest I had no idea it was that bad until after the race was over. I just knew I had to finish and so I did.
Oh and Plews...he had a great ride and I want to congratulate him for the win. It was funny out there - he knew he wanted to win and he had a plan. It was the first time I raced him at this level and athletes with that in their head and the ability is what makes this sport so much fun....and frustrating! It is awesome to see this level of competition and the new faces. Ian Leitch was equally focused and the battle was good.

I need to bring my full army next time.

Just a couple of photos of the morning cows, lovely me, and Rob's new morning look.
This race was not the fourth OP win I was hoping for (2003, 2006, 2007 were the other three plus I finished second in 2004), but finishing third among this competition is not at all bad. Thanks for the great race everyone!




Hey Tinker ,
I met you in 2002 in sheboygan ,Wisonsin at a WORS race ,,I passed you in the parking lot and took your picture, and you said "thanks". No sir Let me thank you for the inspiration. I've got that photo 2 feet away from me at my desk here and it helps to get me down on the trainer this year. .

I'm 38years old,structural Ironworker and Rod Buster and didn't race at all the last 2 years but in 2006 I did my first 12 hour solo came in 6 of 10 and did 99 miles, I could have given more. This year I am going big. I've joined a team , and plan to do 6-7 12 hour races and the 24 hours of 9 mile solo freak non championship class. Hope you show up and hope you don't pass me too many times. I'm following a 12 week personal record for 12 hour solo right now and when that is done at my first race in may I will start the 24 hour personal record plan. Hopefully I will attain a new bike by the time the 24 hour race comes up.
I'd be honored if you checked out my blog at

Wishing you the best year.

Jason Griese,Appleton,WI USA

Mike said...

Great job Tinker!!! I'm looking forward to my first 24 hour race this year! I hear you've been up this way for some races. Have you raced at Mohican in Ohio? Also is there any place I can get some tips on fueling for a 24-hour gig? I'm a type 1 diabetic and eating will be critical to even completing let alone being competitive.

Love the blog, keep the posts coming!!!


Tinker Juarez said...

Hi Jason,
Unfortunately, I do not currently have the 24 hours of 9 mile on my agenda. I did that race once and it was fun and I won it and would love to go back but I've got a lot of conflicts with everything and the MonaVie team schedule is priority for me.
Just want to say I hope you don't get burned out for the future after your record effort. That is a lot of races and that takes time and recovery time is ultimately important. It takes me longer to recover now so I try and balance the schedule with a variety of venues. I love it all and just being in the saddle makes me happy.
Hope to catch up with you again some day and please remind me about this email exchange. It is so awesome to meet you.
Best regards,

Tinker Juarez said...

Hey Mike,
I am not a doctor or very much informed about nutrition and endurance racing for diabetics, but for me what works is just keeping the tank full. You need to continue eating and if your body slacks off on fuel, your body slows down and your brain has a harder time focusing. It is important to keep a steady pace and keep the calories coming in. Try and use low glycemic index sugars like Honey Stinger products so you don't get that crash. I sent a quote in for a friend recently for MBA magazine that might help: On the epic races wether they are 100 miles, 12 or 24 hours - anything goes. I start eating after about 4 hours and then I want real=2 0food. I can stomach more than most so I'm happy when they feed me sandwiches with turkey, cheese, mustard and mayo on wheat bread; peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread; bean and cheese burritos; breakfast burritos with egg, cheese, beans; fruit and protein drinks; Cytomax assorted drinks; I love a cold diet coke; grapes or strawberries or any kind of fruit but my favorite is grapes or banannas; fig newtons; pasta with meat sauce or chicken; water; Xcyto energy drinks; MonaVie; Honey Stinger honey gels and protein bars. Nothing tastes better than a cold beer after the race.
Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

Mike said...

Great information! Thanks Tinker! I should work on developing that "eating" plan as I train for the upcoming season. You had some great ideas here, however I'm not sure how well the bean burrito would be tolerated! lol

Good luck at BikeAsia!!!