Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 6 Stage 5 - over the hump to Oak Valley

Brandon Stewart and Max Knox Stage 5 near the finish

Jock Boyer at the start with the Rwanda team

Looking at results

Ben in the morning

Another fun day in Africa.

For a race like this you need three main things: 1) Dependable equipment; 2) your state of mind (positive attitude); and 3) fitness. Not necessarily in that order. State of mind is the most important.

Johnny needs a set of shocks, too. A hard-tail is so much lighter and easier going up hills and stuff, but the full suspension bike is worth the weight.
Johnny said that the first 5 k was the most fun and even though they made a big deal about it the UFO climb did not seem that bad. The last 5 K sucked. After the last water point there was a hell of a climb and we were out of water, hot, and tired. I don’t know where the route profile was tracking, but the little blip on the profile did not predict what we rode on.

My outlook was a little different. Today was not such a great day for me. I felt really tired most of the ride. This morning I felt nervous and tired. Somehow my legs didn’t have anything and they felt like cement. We started in a big group and my legs felt really heavy. I was getting dropped on the UFO climb but it was so early and I knew I couldn’t give up. It was only an hour into the ride. But I realized I had to think positive. I rode through it and I started feeling better. When I started feeling better and hung with the group, I focused on not doing too much pushing and hung on. I felt better enough to give me enough confidence to push a little harder and stick it together. The group stayed together and I remembered all the guys were tired too. We ended with a strong finish, in 12th place.
I am not even thinking about tomorrow yet. For now I need to rest, get cleaned up, and nurse this golf ball size lump on my shin where a rock hit me.
In this race you go through hard days. I gave a lot of effort yesterday and paid the price today. Sometimes you really have to dig deep and today was one of those times.
Rest for now.

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GRIESE.J said...

Great posts and pics. You guys always look so relaxed in your photos.

My best to you.