Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cape Epic Day 4 Stage 3 - Dr Evil lightens up

Day 4 Stage 3

Yesterday Dr. Evil hurt us. It was a mere 73 km race – short compared to the last two days – but brutal because of the hiking. It started off with a really steep climb we could ride. When you got over the climb there was a little bit of rolling stuff, but then we got to the really steep climbing. All I remember is stretching out my whole body length of the bike to push it up the loose rocks. The rest is sort of a haze since I am writing this on the next day.

We actually did quite well. We were riding with Christoff and Burry and the rest of the top ten but they literally walked away from us during the hike a bike section. When we got to the top we took in the amazing view. You could see the whole valley. South Africa is amazingly beautiful and this is such an awesome way to see it.

Most of the ride was just sitting in a really fast bunch of riders flying along. The last 10K had a lot of really steep ride able climbs and then there was some really fast single track descents through some orchards. Then 3km of fast fast downhill straight to the finish. We were unbelievably happy to see the finish. We had a good ride. Finished 14th but decided not to sprint for 12th place since we all finished in a big group. I will try and post the video of the finish.

The photos here are of Rebecca Rush, Christoff Sauser and Joshua, Johnny’s bloody elbow, and Johnny’s leg during therapy.

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