Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cape Epic Prologue

The Cape Epic started today with the 19 km prologue. Johnny Kritzinger, 22 years old South African and up and coming champion, is my partner for the next 7 days. We are riding on the DCM-MonaVie-Cannondale team and had a great race today. We are in the open Men's category and started somewhere around the 360 spot or something. It was a fast and fun course with just the right amount of climbing. But we lost track of the number of teams we passed and ended up with the fastest lap time for much of the day. Overall, we finished 19th. An excellent start. Johnny and I worked well together and I look forward to this race with him. Here are a couple of photos for now. More later. We should have more down time to blog once we are on the road.
Standings for half the day.

Johnny and his biggest fan - Dad Kim

Joshua and Ian Van der Walt


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