Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cape Epic Stage 1 - Dr Evil - 1 : Tinker & Johnny - 0

Day 1

We started the day today at 3:45 AM and were on the road with the convoy by 4:30 AM. The stage started at Gordon’s Bay. I felt normal at the start. Not tired but I knew it would be a long day in the saddle. We had a good starting position so it was a nice neutral start. Everyone was shuffling around and got into a comfortable place. The first climb was 8 miles from the start and I started having a mechanical problem. This was when I realized how technical and hard the course was going to be on the bike. The next neutral support area didn’t have anything that we could use. Johnny waited for me and we hammered when we could. Your mental status is so important to performance and on this first day I knew I had to get over it. After three hours of struggling I almost cracked. It was just a matter now of just trying to survive the rest of the ride and finish.

We rolled across the line in 22st place and 24th overall. Not bad after a day like today.
Oh – lesson learned today: Pick a small kid on the side of the road to do the high five with. The teenager I saw today almost knocked me off my bike!

Ben and Jacques had a great day and made up some time from yesterday. They finished 10th and are in 15th place, overall. Ben said, “It was definitely tough. It was bumpy and hot. The hardest part was after I lost my water bottle and I bonked a little. I am so happy we got a good finish.”

Will try and post daily. I just know that if the rest of the race is like today then the Cape Epic will live up to it’s reputation. Untamed.

Should be better tomorrow. Good sleep will help.


Johnny and I at the start in our new DCM-MonaVie kits.

At the finish line

Oh God Yes Ice me please

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Roger said...

Sorry you had a rough start Tinker. Hang in there you will be back on top in npo time. We are cheering you on all the way back here in the US.
Best of Luck
Roger in San Diego.