Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 7 Stage 6 – A Real MTB Race Track

Johnny Kritzinger and Tinker Juarez near the finish of Cape Epic 2009 Stage 6

Day 7 Stage 6 – A Real MTB Race Track

Today was a good day in the office. What a beautiful office, too! The course was filled with lots of single track, rocky descents, and it was quite technical. I love fun single track and gives you time to enjoy the ride, just cruising along and enjoying the race. There was a super rocky decent. I went slow like Grandpa and didn’t care. I couldn’t afford a flat – too early in the race for that right now.

We had a fast group of guys and we tried everything to stay with them. The two guys that got away finished really well. They stood away and we were not able to catch them. The two Trek Check guys were with us for a little while but they had a flat and bike issues or they would have finished ahead of us. That is the way biking goes. Sometimes you get luckier than others. My Scalpel was working excellent, thanks to Leroy from Tiger Cycles. The shifting was excellent. The Gore cables are so nice - thank you Gore for your sponsorship. The cables are nice to work on, too. They have a Teflon sheath and works great.

At the end, Johnny went ahead of the two MTN guys and I was behind them. Then one of them slipped a gear and I was able to get past. His partner slowed down to wait so I got past him, too. Johnny and I finished 8th place today. We are reported as me being the Top American with my South African partner Johnny Kritzinger in 14th place overall.

What a difference good rest means. I even got up before the daily 5:00 AM horn blaring the wake up call. I am racing a lot harder than I anticipated before coming to this race. My intention was to take it easy and use it for the season training, but Johnny is super strong and doesn’t even seem tired after 6 days of this grueling punishment. But we are having a great race, and we made it to the last day within the top 15 – an excellent finish for a race like this.

Tomorrow is the last day and we will be finished. The week has flown by and it hardly seems like we rode as much or as hard as we have. I have already decided to return to South Africa to race again soon. Like I already said, this is an awesome way to see this beautiful country.


Tinker hugging Joshua at the end of Stage 6

Tinker Juarez and Johnny Kritzinger - DCM-Mona Vie-Cannondale

The two DCM-MonaVie-Cannondale Partner Teams: (L to R)
Johnny Kritzinger with Tinker Juarez & Jacques Jansevan Rensberg with Benjamin Sonntag

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