Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Singapore Bike Asia & Eneloop MTB Race - a soggy dripping success

Start of the Eneloop MTB Race at Tampines

I headed to Singapore for the 2009 Bike Asia show and Eneloop MTB race last week, only a little more than a week after the 24 hours in the Old Pueblo. I still had open wounds from my crash at OP. But the flight there and back was in Business Class - NICE! What a huge difference it makes for such a long flight. But the extra stuff and amenities do not stop GERMS. I ended up with flu like symptoms that started a couple of days after I arrived. I didn't even get out of bed on Wednesday before the race. Thursday was relaxed and I went to the shop and show. The Thursday night group ride was a soggy mess so for the whole time I was there, I only got about one 20 min ride before the race. What a bust.

The good part was that Chris Bray (Cannasia Cannondale) is such an excellent host. He took good care of me and I had no stress about anything. All I had to do was be ready when he told me to and I did. He arranged for some interviews with newspapers, magazines, and ESPN. We also had a couple of interviews with Gary Fisher and Mario Chippolini. The Bike Asia group had an excellent venue and provided a good time for us all. It is so nice to be so well taken care!

She's a Princess!

Canasia Cannondale Booth - busiest in the whole BikeAsia show

Chris Bray, me, and Gary Fisher

An honor to meet the best sprinter of all times.

Gary Fisher, Chris Bray, and Mario Chippolini
So even though all of that, everything went well ...except the race. The competition was excellent and there was no room for fault or excuses, including the flu. These guys were on their best game and I gave it all I had...too bad I only had a half full bucket of whip ass. Theirs were full! I ended up proudly in 3rd place and happy to be there. Oh and the race had to be called off early due to the severe lightning and rain. We still had about an hour of racing left so who knows if I could have done better but no matter. Glad to have the opportunity to be there and I look forward to next year to make it up.

God Bless,



Mike said...

Nice job Tinker!!! They couldn't handle the full tank of whoop ass! Get well soon!

Dave Harris said...

Racing jetlagged on the other side of the planet the week after a 24, injury & flu? OUCH! That is pro.

Thanks for the update and pics. The Lion King looks like a giant!

Bill said...

Love that last post. Putting the hurt on the young fellas, nice job ...o/o