Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cape Epic Story in **NEW** XXC Mag

When Jason Mahokey emailed me and invited me to contribute to an article in the new XXC Magazine, I was flattered and happy to contribute. What I didn't expect was the fantastic job he did and the high quality work in an 11 page article depicting my blog stories about the Cape Epic.
Check out the article and the 2nd edition of XXC Mag on-line at XXC #2
I already bookmarked this site and plan to keep an eye out on the stories. What an excellent mag and great stories!

1 comment:

Roger said...

What great articles in the XXC Magazine.
And the stories of you and Johnny and the whole Cape Epic Exp. was awesome , down to the Nice pics. Hopefuly this will get more races and racers from North America to go down South to ride one of these brutal Epics.
Greta Job Tinker and XXC