Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chris Crideford's Ride for Breast Cancer Awareness

A few weeks ago, we found out about a guy on a mission to raise money for breast cancer research in the UK. Since then, the 60+ year old has embarked on his journey and will finish within the next week. We've been watching his progress and praying for him since it has not been easy. He is apparantly nuts, because he is not a cyclist, and has never even ridden much until he started training for this ride. We wanted to share his mission with everyone - even though we get a lot of requests for helping this or that charity, this is an unusual commitment and admirable endeavor. Whatching the progress on the trip tracker is sort of like a reality show but better because it is something we can relate to.

Here is his story:
Chris Crideford and his chariot for the journey in Britain

On April 26th, Chris Crideford, a 60+ year-old builder from the UK, set off to ride his bike from the bottom (Land’s End) to the top of Britain (John O’Groats in Scotland) - a distance of 875 miles [in British weather!!] to raise money for breast cancer research. His wife and mother have suffered with breast cancer and research from the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Foundation helped them. The two women are alive today because of it.

Having this close experience with cancer has made Chris truly value the research of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, who work relentlessly to develop safer, gentler and more efficient ways of treating breast cancer and preventing it occurring.
Since Chris started his ride at Land’s End (extreme southwest tip of Britain) on April 26, he has completed about two thirds of his journey. By May 7, he had now covered all of England and crossed the border into Scotland. Unfortunately, the predicted bad weather turned out to be accurate - he has had to battle strong winds and rain almost every day. He is carrying a tent and was planning to camp alongside the road, in cow fields, behind a pub, etc. But he and all of his equipment have been so wet by the end of each day’s riding that he has spent most nights in bed and breakfasts, youth hostels, and in some cases, the houses of complete strangers. Pretty much everywhere he has gone and had a chance to talk to locals, they have dipped their hands into purses and wallets and contributed to the cause. Some have bought him meals, others have run home and come back a few minutes later with food parcels, and the guest houses he has stayed in have sent him off each morning with bacon sandwiches and other such goodies. So, despite the rain, he is making excellent progress and is enjoying the trip. He has raised almost $3,000 so far and met a lot of nice people along the way. He is expected to reach John o’ Groats (population 300) on the northeast coast of Scotland within a week.
If any of you feel inclined to donate to this charity by sponsoring his bicycle ride, a link is provided below. I can almost guarantee that the ride won’t kill him, and even if he doesn’t make, your donation still goes to a good cause. Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested.

The website for making a donation is:

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Roger said...

Nice Job Tinker, this man is doing an outstanding job for a great cause.Thanks for the post, and for you racing for cancer too. Hope to see you at Boggs.