Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Norwalk Bikers - Old School BMX

I got an email recently from an old friend I used to race BMX with. He sent this photo from 1973 of the Norwalk Bikers and asked me if I remembered...I can't remember what I did 2 hours ago but this was an awesome photo. Try and guess which one I am here.... I think I was 12. This is one of the very first photos and the beginning of my career. Damn I am old. That was 36 years ago!!!
Curtis "Lightning" Rendich is 2A. The Norwalk Bikers were a traveling team made up of the best riders in each division that had the most points. Curtis said the other riders were Eric Pyles, Regan Pyles, Jeff B., and Allen Underwood. I love thinking back to these old times. You grow up doing something you love and you flash back to the old days and wonder what everyone is doing. Then you find out a few of them (like me) never grew up and are still doing what they love the most.
I really really appreciate keeping in touch with the past and meeting up with Curtis some day will be awesome.
Peace and ride one,


matt said...

its obvious! You're #1!

Sam said...

That's gotta be Tinker behind the #1 plate - a prediction of the future, perhaps?