Sunday, June 14, 2009

Turnbull Canyon ride with RC for a Dred Tread Test

Yesterday my long-time friend Vic Armjio and Richard Cunningham from MTB Action stopped by for a ride and to test out the Kenda Dred Tread tires. We headed up to Turnbull Canyon in Whittier and even though it was gloomy and overcast, we had a great ride. Richard got to ride my Cannondale Taurine and my wife's carbon Scalpel. The canyon has all kinds of technical fun singletrack, pleanty of climbing and stunning views of the Los Angeles basin. If it were clear, you can sometimes see all the way to Catalina island.

We had barely been on the bikes for a few minutes and almost rode over a local snake. RC grabbed it and we all had a look at the docile beauty.

Next, we focused on the Dreds. If you haven't tried the Dred Treads, you should! And I am not just saying this because they are my signature tires (seriously). The Dreds are probably the best all-purpose tires I ever tried. Maybe by looking at them you wouldn't think they would impress you much, but every time I ride them I am completely blown away by how fast they perform, how well they grip in the loose stufff, how well they climb and corner. The Dreds perform as well or better than my other favorites.

I hope RC likes them as much as I do!

We ended the day with a snack of fresh fruit, hummus on whole wheat pita bread, roasted turkey sandwhiches with avacado and swiss cheese, and talked about fishing. My wife feeds me too much and I keep on eating whatever she gives me. I guess I need to complain about something!

Now get out and ride.



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Love the blog. I'm a ultra runner wanting to get into mtn biking and road biking. You inspire me. Maybe one day we could ride together.