Monday, July 27, 2009

Intermontane Challenge Stage 1 Update

Tinker reported in from the hot and steamy Kamloops, BC today. Here is his update:

It was really hot today with temperatures at least 100 F, but Tinker felt really good. Pedal Mag's Paul Newitt said it was hot enough today to expect the birds to spontaneously combust.

That is Real Hot.

But Tinker has been training in the heat of the southern California valleys so he felt good. His legs felt great but the best part of all was the new Cannondale Flash Ultimate Carbon hardtail he rode hard today. He said it felt like butter. The Flash just sliced through the trails, climbed so perfect, and handled every corner, bump, and soft spot just like he needed it to. It handled the downhills great too! It is the perfect bike for a ride like today and Tinker is absolutely thrilled. We are worried we'll never be able to get him off of it!

The race was fun and the MonaVie-Cannondale team had an excellent day. Jeremiah 1st, Tinker 30 seconds behind in 2nd, and Ben Sonntag third. Sue Butler won the open Women's solo division. There is something special in that Emv!

Temperatures are supposed to be hotter tomorrow but the stage looks like a blast.

We will try and post updates daily.


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